What characteristics do you think successful people have that make them succeed?

I got a chance to meet the biggest Jeweller of India - Mr. Rajesh Kalyanaraman, Director of Kalyan Jewellers. He is generally accompanied by a fleet but that time he was walking alone.

I approached him and requested him to visit our Exhibit to which he replied "Haan chalo kaha hai apka stall" (Lets go, where is your exhibit?)

Came to our exhibit, picked up water bottle by himself, seen the collection by picking items and he was wearing a humble smile all the time. He then said "Mai ayega fir, sabko leke ayega" (I'll come, I'll come with the purchase team)

This guy's home is spread in acres, drives a Rolls Royce Phantom, annual turnover of 9000 crores, employs 8000 people and Amitabh Bachchan endorses his brand yet no pride and dresses up in an extremely simple manner.

I noticed 5 qualities in him:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Listening more than speaking
  3. Trying to understand opinion of others with full respect to them
  4. Courtesy - I remember sending him a message on whatsapp about inaugural of our new office at Hotel Sahara Star to which he replied by congratulating us and telling that we made a fantastic decision as this place was great to do business according to him. He could have ignored my message as I was an unknown to him or he could have blocked my number. Consider the amount of messages he gets as he owns 129+ Jewellery Stores.
  5. Fantastic Memory - He recalled me within a second and said "You messaged me on whatsapp na"

These things are small but speak so highly of him that he has no pride even when he is at a level when he can be proud about 100 things. Lot to learn from him. These are the things that must have contributed to his success.

Do pull ups work abs?

Yes, you heard that right. Pull-ups are the core exercise for six pack abs workout. Pull-ups together with intensive leg strengthening exercises are the most important if you want people someday to see the clearly visible chiseled abs on your stomach. And I give pull-ups the biggest credit for my own six pack abs.When you pull up

How can people break up after so many years of marriage?

I think it's weirder when people don't change after years together. When I think about my first husband, whom I married 36 years ago, I can remember why I fell in love while also knowing if I'd met him now, there is no way I'd consider marrying him. The things that made me excited to

If a student hacked into university computers and changed his grade in cyber security to an A, does he actually deserve the A?

Well-in 1996, when a pair of 9th grade boys hacked into the Les Bois Junior High School grading system and changed their grades, the word going round was there were two less boys at Les Bois...As a former teacher, if you did that in one of my courses, I'd fail you. And recommend to the dean that