What countries are good places to travel to?

This is a bit of a re-hash of one of my previous answers but I think it really helps to answer your question. I suppose it really depends on your current location and your budget, however I have got to say that New Zealand is an awesome country to travel to and a great place to travel around.

I have traveled to New Zealand twice as a tourist (once as a backpacker and once on holiday) and recently made the move to come and live here (been here for 3.5 years now). It is an amazing place to visit and since I have lived here, I have found even more little nuggets so here goes.

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we are definitely not short on tourist attractions. We have so many different attractions to suit a wide range of interests - we have beautiful beaches, soaring mountains, adventure activities, glaciers, lakes, rolling hills, volcanoes...the list goes on! We also have the attractions that are super-popular because every guide book covers them, and then we have the ones that are less well known but equally as beautiful.

Here is my stab at the top ten tourist attractions - 5 of the most popular and 5 you might not have heard of:

Top 5 most popular attractions

1. Milford Sound - this has to be the number one destination for most people visiting New Zealand - it is an unbelievable place which is often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Well I would say Nepal at first,

Nepal has been named as The No.1 tourist destination of the world by well-known British newspaper The Guardian.

Referring to different sources including the individuals who went to Nepal going through all data, the daily paper has placed Nepal at the top spot in the rundown of 10 best places to Travel. Nepal managed to put a name at the top where nations of Europe and America have not been mentioned. In its report titled ‘ How to plan a post-Brexit holiday'- from Serbia to the Lake District, the online release of daily paper has cited some in portraying Nepal's capability of tourism.

Take a look at the article where Nepal is mentioned:

"Pound for pound, Nepal is better value than Europe," says Catherine Shearer of specialist cycle holiday experts H+I Adventures. The country has had a tricky few years that have featured Maoist insurgency, royal massacre and a devastating earthquake, but Nepal has come roaring back. Travellers are reporting a sense of optimism and vibrancy that rubs off on visitors.

"Democracy is on the rise," reports Dr Claire Smith of York University's Asia Research Network. "It is an inspiring moment to visit the country ... and the curries are delicious." This is a country with a huge amount to offer: its mountain ranges, of course, but also a wealth of wildlife, temples, ancient towns and colourful culture. KE Adventure Travel specialises in some spectacular hikes in the country.

Where to go: 10 countries that should be on your itinerary


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Nepal is a dreamland for adventure seeking mountaineers, trekkers, explorers and all manner of visitors. The year 2015 has been a shocking year for Nepal. Even though the country has suffered a lot in recent years - it is still one of the most popular adventure travel destinations in the world.

So, why not pick Nepal as your next destination?

It depends on your preferences really and what your aim is behind the trip as well as your budget.

I was talking to my friends today who have travelled to Bali and Maldives and they haven't enjoyed their stay: nothing much to do, people weren't nice to tourists, horrible tour experiences etc...

I, on the other hand, have travelled to Seychelles, Mahe Island back in July, and I absolutely loved it. The people were extremely nice, the hotel staff were incredible, EVERYONE on the island speaks english, french and seychellois which is a major bonus, there are so many activities that you can do and a bit of history in every place you visit. It's important to mention that the island was only inhabited in the 1700s, making it perhaps one of the youngest countries.

I strongly recommend Italy - 5 most scenic train journeys in Italy | Save A Train

However france / switzerland and netherlands are also great destinations - 4 Underrated Places in Europe Reachable By Train | Save A Train

You will receive better answers if you detail what you like to do.

I'm assuming you reside in the USA and haven't traveled.

If you want a foreign experience without jet lag; Montreal is a good place to start. Everyone you meet at restaurants and bars will speak to you in French and will understand you English reply.

If you're wanting to put some distance under your belt try English speaking countries, They are scattered around the world.

If you're on a very tight budget from the Mexican border south to Panama City is generally quite reasonably priced. If the language scares you most countries have English speaking expat communities.

Go have fun


Of course, Roof of World -Mt. Everest

Light of Asia - Gautam Buddha.

Non-other than Nepal Tour, life time remembrance.


Nepal Archives - Asian Eco Journeys

I love my country.

I don't mean in a typical nationalistic, flag wrapping sense. I love how open the people are. I love the country side. The fantastic, ever changing variety of breathtaking scenery. I love the ancient history we have. I love to think about the hundreds of generations of people who have occupied and thrived on this island.

French Polynesia, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Cuba.

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