What countries are more?

More what to be exact. First get the though together then Proofread, I too fail at this sometimes. Hint: Edit

More what?

China has the largest population

Russia has the most nuclear weapons and land

The US has the largest economy and best Air Force and navy

North Korea is the most stupid

The Middle East has the OIL

Australia has the best wars, fighting Emu and losing

Switzerland is the most neutral giving 0 fs in wars

The Vatican is the smallest

More what are you asking?

Is Pakistan a beautiful country? What are some main attractions of Pakistan?

Yes, It is a very beautiful country. The landscape of Pakistan is really diverse. It ranges from lofty mountains in the north, the Karakorum and the Himalayas through dissected plateaus to rich alluvial plains of Punjab. Then follows the bareness of Baluchistan and the hot

How many popes have been Irish?

I do not think there ever was an Irish pope.It is interesting to note that the pope who urged the Norman invasion of Ireland was Adrian IV, the only ever English pope.

Does the US provide more rights and freedoms to its citizens than other countries?

Sadly, the practice diverges from the theory. The political theory postulates a vast sea of liberty, dotted with islands of necessary and minimal regulation, and in that regard, we are the paragon of such things. After 239 years of people gaming the system, the current result is kind of swampy, and so you'd have to look to