What countries has Kim Jong-Un visited?

As a kid and a student: Switzerland, yes. Germany, yes. France, with a late relative, maybe. Belgium, to practice "lille French" yes.

Also, a hush hush ski-trip to Canada via Switzerland (under an assumed name) where he collected books by Merleau-Ponty and a certain Hugh Dreyfuss (not exactly sure if the last is the right name??) for personal translation - like all Koreans do.

But as the Great Leader, I suspect he's still trying to reign in all "penny filers" in the NK military.

Now, why will you want to travel outside the country, if you are stopping people from making cheap "camera jewelries" for their wives, and for their own personal (in-house) amusement?

There are unconfirmed reports that he visited China and Japan in 1991-1992 with his mother and China again in 2009 or 2010.  Chinese officials strongly deny the latter visit occurred, but South Korean officials believe that it did.

There's also a small chance that he entered France or Germany while studying in Switzerland, but this also cannot be confirmed. 

He was scheduled to visit Iran in 2012 and Russia in 2015, but neither visit came to fruition.

Kim Jong Un
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Switzerland where he studied as a youth, and Japan with his mother as a child, and China with his father. Otherwise, he learned the less of his two other brothers whose travels and exploits overseas caused them to be passed over. Because of his age, and only recently consolidating his base, he is still wary of being deposed by those around him since he does not yet have as firm a grip over the country as his father and grandfather did.

He visited several in his youth and a a couple when he was a student in Switzerland. He has not traveled to any since he was anointed Supreme Leader.

He may have his father's fear of flying (Kim Jong-Il never flew and had up to 10 trains and numerous private train stations to accommodate those trains).

It is also rumored that he fears for his life and may feel he has more control over his safety in his country versus another's.

In March of 2018, Kim Jong Un visited the People's Republic of China, and he is also scheduled to visit South Korea this Friday (April 27, 2018). He also visited Switzerland while studying abroad, before he became leader. He is also scheduled to meet with President Trump at a to be announced location (possibly in Europe, Southeast Asia, Mongolia, or South Korea) sometime between May and June of 2018.

Add Malaysia where he purportedly earned a college degree.

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