What countries have you been to?

I've been to a quite a few in my lifetime, and will list them out off the top of my head. I will add more to this list when I remember.


I was born, and grew up in Dubai which was, and still is my favourite place on earth. My dad's family has lived here for generations, moving here from India in the early to mid 1900's, when the Emirate was a poor British protectorate, and oil hadn't been discovered.

I have been to quite a bit however I won't say them all because the answer will get too long and I don't remember some visits as I was very small.


It's the motherland. I love going there as it connects me to my roots and my family live there. I get nostalgia a lot and anything that remotely reminds me of Pakistan e.g. sounds, smells and etc makes me homesick. I got a lot of love for my roots and Pakistan. Nobody understands why I love Pakistan so much not even my family. I could explain it all to them but they still wouldn't get it so it's best to leave it and let them wonder ;).


I was last 9 years old when I was there. I lived there for 9 months. For a kids perspective it was alright. The beaches were near, activities and everything were there however there was Arab superiority. Growing up I realized it's not the best place in the world as it seems pretty fake, overrated and etc especially Dubai! Workers are not treated well there either. I'm sure you can figure out everything by now.

Saudi Arabia

My dad's job was briefly in Saudi. My mum didn't like it and we left. Arab superiority happens a lot there and I have seen and been a victim of discrimination first hand. I have been for Umrah and for spiritual reasons, Makkah is a great place. I'm going to Umrah and Pakistan again in two weeks!


I like Toronto. It is a big and nice city. My dad had work in a province called Newfoundland but it was really boring. I kind of hated the place and it was the middle of nowhere.


I was 9 when I went. I don't have a great recollection of the trip however but I do have pictures.


I have been quite a few times. I have relatives there and it wasn't a bad trip although USA customs in the airport is a pain in the backside.


Literally really similar to UK. I went on a tour in Dublin and it was okay.


I don't know if this counts tbh. There is a small peninsula near the UAE called the Musandam. We went on a day trip there and there were activities like boat riding, fishing and etc.

Here we go!

Most recent:

  1. Taiwan

A handful. Let me list them, complete with my reviews of each in a blurb.

What's that? Don't want to let me? Screw you. I get to write whatever the hell I want.

  1. The United States of America. I mean, I was born and grew up there. I'm heading back in two weeks after two years away. It's pretty great. But also wack.
  2. Israel. I'm here now. The place to be. Going to be traumatized when I have to leave.
  3. Mexico. I had a friend in high school who was from there, and he visits a lot. He took me along one summer to his old neighborhood in Mexico City (a nice one) and to Cancun. (He's loaded) I was kinda expecting to be abducted by a drug cartel, but the trip was pretty neat even without that.
  4. Russia. Just a stopover in Moscow. Worst experience ever. Place scared the bejeszus out of me. There was vodka in every store in that airport.
  5. Poland. Visited last year on a heritage seminar, where we visited Nazi concentration camps and ghettos. Depressing as all hell, but incredibly insightful. Unhappy place.
  6. Canada. Never really made it past Niagra so it doesn't really count. I remember there being condom commercials on the News channels though.

I'd travel more, but, well, I don't. End of story.

I've been to a whole lot of countries, especially for being only 13.

See, my parents usually save all the possible money they can so that we can go on a vacation every summer in Europe or multiple in the US. I am tremendously grateful for this.

At the moment, I have been to 12 countries:

  • Greece - One word: Beaches!!!

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