What countries in the world would you rather not visit?

We (my husband and I) talk about this subject fairly frequently as we like to travel. We DON'T want to visit:

-All of South America

=All of Central America

-All of Africa

-All of the Middle East

-All of Asia except for Japan and Croatia

-All of Antarctica

We've lived this long avoiding confrontational and vulnerable situations and plan to keep it that way. Our preferences still give us many places to explore. We've been to Europe 4 times (4 times to France, once to Amsterdam and London - time to break out to Italy and Spain), the Caribbean, Canada (3 times),Mexico (grudgingly) and Bermuda.

Quite a few. The list includes, at this particular moment, the States, despite having family there. I mean, if there is a country where I must forcibly go, I'll have to, but if I can possibly avoid it, I'd rather not go. Venezuela is another, say. There is also the question that some areas of the same country are better than others. It all depends. Some parts of Mexico, say. are OK, others are not. It all depends.

There is also the question that I am extremely comfortable here and have all the incentives I need to keep on exploring around.

Muslim countries and uk. The reason is simple. They attacked and looted my country. They destroyed our temples and culture. Cruel Invaders without any ethics.

Past I can't rewrite. At Present I can forgive. But never forget. Even to drink a drop of water on their land make me feel I am doing a sin. I have to share their paap.

Even if they come again ,we give them food and treat them with love. That's my culture. But never in my life time I step on their land. It's a biggest paap for me.

Dushthah varjitah! Bad people should be kept away.

What if Germany never invaded France in WWII?

There's no way that would not have happened, Hitler was going to grind France under his boot if all other efforts had to be abandoned to do so. I think in some ways he was actually a bit disappointed that they gave him little opportunity to rain death and destruction on them

Have you ever felt the presence of God?

God is absolute, which means that there is not different in any of His attributes and qualities to Himself. As a result He is not different to His name. What this means is that God is present in His name. He and His name are the same. If we are able to hear God's name we

What's a good age to travel different countries?

Travel, especially in the 21st century, caters to all. It is one of the more democratic activities, in the sense that anyone who wants to participate can. Travel encompasses everything from a high-school study abroad program in Spain to an Alaskan seniors cruise to a grueling expedition in the Himalaya.I'm still relatively young and did