What country has the highest income tax rate on a million dollars?

List of countries by tax rates

So Belgium should tax you the most on a million dollars at 64 %.
But income tax is of course only part of the truth. There are also indirect taxes, like VAT, which would further increase your effective tax rate. On the other hand, there are also state services, that will decrease your actual tax rate. For example unemployment benefits  are a state service. If this wasn't in place, you would probably insure against unemployment. So you might pay less taxes, but the money you saved in taxes would go straight to the insurer.
Is doing compound exercises enough to get a ripped body?

Yes. Doing any exercise consistently can get you ripped, even running. Remember, good diet, good sleep, good training, but also just as importantly don't stress. If you are stressed you won't be building much muscle. Cortisol is a muscle killer.7 years weightlifting experience here. I've

What are seven things about life that you wish you knew earlier?

You can do anything and everything. Its all your perception to do things.Nothing is permanent.You need to face failures in order to achieve success. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.You are what you decide to make yourself. Habits are everything.

What is better to lose weight, HIIT or steady cardio?

So, first off I should say that you should do what works for you, and that nothing in fitness is universal.With that said. It's likely that HIIT will be what helps you lose the most weight.So why is that?In conventional cardio, you will perform an exercise steadily for a longer period