What country has the most beautiful geographical map?

I find it pretty hilarious that almost everyone who answered this question picked the map of their own country as the most beautiful. I guess that goes to show that if you're forced to stare at something long enough you'll grow to love it?

The two countries that I know best are the United States and China, which both have maps that are giant hulking warts. It's hard to consider either beautiful.

I think Japan has a pretty nice looking map.

Indonesia. From the satellite photograph the country looks like a chain of green balls with unique shapes.

Hmm, tough one

Israel is kinda cool


Obviously India have the best geographical map in the world in comparison to rest of the world because we have peninsular landmass means land body which surrounded by 3 side of water. We have all kind of geographical landscape like fold mountains, block mountains, relict mountains, oldest plateau, cold and hot desert, all type of climate, every type of soil, long coastline etc.

this is the reason we are the only portion of the world which known as Sub-continent, not any single country have all kind of geographical features that's the reason why India is most beautiful place with unity and diversity among socially and geographically.

What would happen if plastic had never been invented?

I'm hoping a materials scientist can give a more accurate answer. In the meantime, here is my uninformed opinion:We would wear clothing made of hides, cotton and wool. There would be no polyester blends. We would wear shoes made only of leather, natural rubber and perhaps, wood. Our automobiles would be more efficient than 60 years

Is it normal to have people inside your head?

It's quite common if you have a mental illness that typically causes such things. A mental illness would be the frequent cause of such things.Since there is a chance that it could be due to a tumor or a form of seizures or other conditions, it's good to get to a doctor and get evaluated.

What would it be like if the Korean war never happened?

Interesting question.Assuming that Korea remains divided at the 38th parallel, both Koreas would do better than in our timeline (IOTL), without dealing with the cost of rebuilding, and of them, North Korea, with most of the heavy industry left behind by the Japanese, would do