What country's citizens have the most travel restrictions?

Travel restrictions will probably refer to visa restrictions imposed by other countries on citizens of different countries
According to the "Henley Henley Visa Restrictions Index 2014, holders of an  Afghan passport can visit only 28 countries visa-free or with visa on  arrival. This is the lowest number of all passports worldwide as of 2014
Then comes in the list, Iraq: 31 countries - Somalia, Pakistan: 32 countries
Undoubtedly it would be North Korea.

They can not travel or leave their country.

The citizens not only need special permission to travel abroad, but they also need special permission to travel around their own country, and now add to that the poor logistics and road transportation facilities ,and equally poor infrastructure, traveling around isn't easy and it isn't common.
Either North Koreans, or stateless persons.

North Koreans because of their government policies, the stateless because of other governments' policies.
What are some good movies to learn about British history? I have watched 'The Last Kingdom' and I'm planning to watch 'The Tudors'.

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I freely admit to being maddeningly inconsistent with verb tenses in this answer. If this is the sort of thing that drives you nuts - and it probably would drive me insane if I hadn't written it - you've been warned.A large part of