What culture shocks do people experience when traveling to Taiwan?

I think culture shocks are not really specific tho. My first were with Japan but it was like I was fascinated I wasn't uncomfortable . With China it was like the squat toilets haha. But in general Taiwan is pretty like accommodating I feel. You're probably going to experience a bit of culture shock anywhere but in my opinion it's more so attributed to language barriers, at least that was the frustration when I had first gone to China, Japan I had self studied before moving there last year of high school but I think the biggest source of "culture shock" is not the culture itself we are all human beings but it's that if you aren't able to conduct all aspects of your life in another language as easily as your able to do in your mother tongue then you are basically starting off as a baby really, not being able to do normal things that you would think are just routine back home. Like even something as simple as going to stores or movie theatres, mailing stuff etc is going to be a challenge for anyone who is unable to speak the language from time you arrive in another country. Another aspect I guess is the loss of familiarity and being out of your comfort zone. Some people embrace this others feel frustrated and in a bad mood and really for me that's what I would equate with culture shock after living abroad for a decade now. But for Taiwan specifically ? For me there wasn't anything . I don't live in Taipei but Taipei is super accommodating , your more likely to find English services there and a variety of food as well. Taiwan's great man to be honest.

Is Fairhill in Cork Ireland a good place to live in?

It would not be my first choice. I don't want to damn it outright, because I could be prejudiced by the fact that it is sandwiched between two of my least favourite areas of the city. I suspect that there are some very close-knit and successful communities which have established

What are your favorite places to visit in the USA?

I'm often surprised by how little many US citizens and residents know about the history of the continent.   Whilst the footprint left by the inhabitants before the arrival of European explorers is small it can be found and it's worth seeing.   What happened after the arrival of Europeans is also worth seeking out

Did you ever discover something about a friend that you wish you never found out?

I had a very good friend that I'd known for several years. We laughed, confided in each other, partied together and consoled each other through breakups. We were thick as thieves so to speak.One evening I went to her house to pick her up for an evening out at our favorite hot spot.