What dating advice would women like to offer men?

  • You don't have to dress like a GQ model, but at least in the beginning, please take care with your appearance. You don't want women to overdo the makeup? You don't want us to overwhelm you with perfume? That's just fine. But please apply what you're looking for in a woman to your own appearance. We like what we see (and smell) as much as you do.
  • Listen as much as you speak. If the entire evening is spent listening to you, there is little likelihood that there will be another date.
  • Eye contact. It's a thing.
  • It's normal to notice attractive people. We get it. But please leave it at a quick glance and not a lingering stare.
  • Show passion about something. There is nothing as attractive as watching someone talk about something they're passionate about.
  • Engage when she's talking. Ask questions. Clarify. As much as you enjoy having a woman listen to you and show she is paying attention, we enjoy it, too.
  • Don't be self-conscious or worry about making a major faux pas. If she reacts horribly when you do, the woman isn't for you. You deserve better than that. The woman who laughs with you is a keeper, someone you can be comfortable with.

The bottom line about all of this is that you should act exactly how you would want your date to act. You don't need to share identical interests or tastes in music or whatnot. But you do need to respect the person you choose to enter a relationship with. What you want in a woman should be how you act in return. If you can't find that comfort zone, there is no purpose in continuing the relationship.

My 10 y/o daughter has just been diagnosed with Predominantly Inattentive ADHD. I'm hesitant to place her on meds, due to side effects. As a parent with more experience in raising a child with ADHD, what would your advice be?

YFirst off, are you sure it's ADHD and not something else, like depression or a learning disability? Who made the diagnosis and did you get a second opinion? Since there's no laboratory test that can diagnose ADHD, or other problems like autism, for example, all we can do is make an assumption based on observable and reported symptoms,

Does putting a lot of muscle mass increase your lifespan?

Just because you have a bunch of muscle does not mean you're healthy. Just because you're thin does not mean you're healthy.A body builder that used to train at the gym I train at was known for eating mcdonalds to get to the 6,000 calories per day he needed to put on size.Was it smart? No.

Is working hard enough to be successful?

Working hard alone doesn't guarantee you success. Though its very crucial but the thing is that hard work should be done in the right direction.for ex: We see a construction site labor, he work pretty hard all day but still fails to