What did you spend your allowance on when you were a kid?

From 4th to 10th grade my allowance was gradually in creased from 20Rs to 100Rs per month and I dont remember any of my friends getting an allowance. They used to save from money they are given to buy stationery items.

I used to spend it on...

pani puri (gupchup as we call it in Hyderabad). My friend and I used to eat panipuri (6pc for 2Rs) every day on our way back from school. We used to pay on alternate days.

It was a trick which I could buy what I want and keep the allowance intact.

I joined in hostel(Boarding) in St.Gabrial Higher Secondary School in 1963–64 in class 6th. My father gave me Ten rupees as allowance in change. I kept in my box kept under my bed. But next day when I opened my box the money was missing.I did not tell this to any one. So I spent all the term without allowance.

Comic books, movies, candy and ice cream is what I spent my allowance and any baby sitting money on. I was an Army beat in dependent housing in West Germany while the Berlin Wall was being constructed. For a quarter I promised your kid wou!d stay safe on the playground. For a dollar, I promised your kid would not bother you for any reason until sundown. Feeding my family also took a lot of my cash. I remember my Mom crying when I came in with my group of kids to use the bathroom and pressed a fistful of singles in her hand. She added my sister and two brothers to my group and took off to the commissary.

I never expected a allowance cause I felt that one way I can show my appreciation, and love to my family was by pitching in and help maintain the house chores.

The other reason was I was unable to leave my yard, or have any friends over so what and how would I spend my allowance on.

So with those facts, I never really wanted or expected a allowance, figuring if I had a allowance I would be very upset cause I wasn't allowed to go anywhere and spend it, so because I never expected it, how could I be upset?

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