What did you think about the teachers' pets in your classroom as a teacher?

One teacher had an iguana. A couple had hamsters. Several, including me, had aquariums with fish. I also had a hamster.

The only problem I ever had was with my son's fourth grade teacher. She had a gerbil whose cage stunk, and the gerbil appeared sick. This class was in the same school where I taught.

I had my son volunteer to take the gerbil home over a weekend. We took him to the vet, and the vet said there was nothing wrong with him. He just needed his cage cleaned.

So, we went home and gave the cage a good cleaning. The gerbil perked right up.

On Monday, he took the gerbil back to class. After school, I talked with the teacher and told her what the vet said, and that the cage needed to be cleaned more often.

She said that the gerbil was a gift from a third grade teacher, and the cage had been like that when she got him.

I knew the third grade teacher had very clean cages for her class pets, because she and I often bought bales of hamster litter together for our class pets. I told her what the fourth grade teacher had said.

My son taught the rest of the class how to clean the cage, and the gerbil was OK for the rest of the school year.

They must be regularly fed and watered, and their habitats need routine cleaning.

I hate it when they pee on the carpet. It's extremely frustrating explaining algebra while throwing the toy. Yes he is purebred German Shepherd even though he is all black.

As a teacher having my pets at school seems to always distract.

First of all, I was the kid that was the teacher's pet. From another perspective I can understand how it seems snotty and obnoxious. The way I see it is, not everybody can be a teachers pet a teacher will only grow attached to you and favor you if you are a good student that pays attention in class in the first place. It is a lot of work to become a teacher's pet from the Christmas chocolate gifts to the extra credit help I spent many hours to be where I am today.

Try to see things from a different perspective; we aren't all bad and stereotypical.

It depends. I teach a variety of kids around elementary age and from my experience the ones who try to play teacher's pet are either desperate for validation and attention or they genuinely like learning. I try not to play favorites but (like every teacher) it's hard sometimes when you have students who are outright rude and disruptive, then your "teachers' pet" who is working hard and loves your class.

However, when I was in school I hated teachers' pets. So it's all perspective.

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