What dish are you best at cooking/baking?

Until i was at home i was too lazy to cook.

I realized the value of food when i didn't find proper food of my choice in hostel. Now it has become one of my favorite hobbies. I am sharing a simple dish which my friends like the most even though i don't.

Soya dipped fried chicken:


1- 1/2 Kg chicken

2- Gram flour 1 spoon

3- White flour 1 spoon

4-Corn flour 2 spoon

5- Red chili power, turmeric powder, Jeera powder,salt,black paper power

6- Curd

7-Ginger garlic paste

8- Soya and tomato sauce

9- 1 Chopped capsicum, 4–5 garlic cloves, onion

10- Refined oil for frying and cooking


Take a big boul and add chicken into it. Then add all the flours mentioned in the list, 1 spoon turmeric, chili powder, jeera powder,little black pepper powder, curd and salt (according to taste) in the chicken. keep the bowl in fridge for 1 hr. Take out the chicken and fry it in medium flame for 15 minutes.

Take a pan add some 2 spoons of refined oil and add chopped garlic ,onion and little salt. After 5 minutes add chopped capsicum and cook for 5 minutes then add soya , tomato sauce, little water (if someone want semi gravy) in it and finally add fried chicken .

Now your soya dipped fried chicken is ready.

In the past few years, with the help of my mother, I have realized that I have a gift for cooking!

There was a time in my life where I didn't even know how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich. My ex-husband had to show me how to make one. Before that I burned several sandwiches.

For years and years I lived off of microwave meals, and easy to cook items like blue box Mac ‘n Cheese. I was also able to warm a mean pop tart or Toaster Strudel. I was the queen of microwave meals!

Then I asked my mother for her recipe for chili. She had been working on it for years, trying to get it absolutely perfect.

She let me have the recipe with one caveat: I could never, ever, for any reason give the recipe to anyone other than immediate family. (Even they don't get it easily. My aunt had to poach it while I was cooking)

I agreed, and she bestowed me with the honor of The Recipe.

The first time I made it, I used a crock pot. It tasted good, but I made the mistake of over-cooking it. (I cooked it on high for 24 hours) It turned sour, and I wasn't able to fix it.

So I tried again! This time, the chili came out just as I remember my mom making it. It was delicious! I made a few alterations, but kept the basic recipe the same.

After a few years, I was visiting my parents for the holidays, and I made Storer chili. I was excited to show my mom how I was able to make her chili!

At first taste she scoffed. It wasn't the same chili she made! I had altered the sacred recipe. I felt like I had made a horrible mistake!

My dad then tried my chili, and he proclaimed that it was the best chili he had tasted in years! (HOORAY! I did a little happy dance in my head)

My mom begrudgingly accepted that I had made successful chili. It was tasty, just not what she usually made.

Flash forward to today. If we are in the same house, we cannot cook chili together. We either have to make it Mom's way or My way. There is no compromise here. It is one or the other.

Either way, the chili always comes out tasting delicious. The difference is that I spend more time perfecting the flavor. My mom follows her original recipe, with no deviation.

There have been small victories, however. Now whenever my mom cooks anything, she will ask me to taste and see if her dish needs any extra seasoning. I hold this as a triumph. My mom never asks anyone else for their take on her cooking. I have leveled up my cooking, and it makes me proud!

My ex-husband asked for one special thing in our divorce: the recipe for the Storer chili. I started laughing and told him there was no way in hell he would ever get the recipe from me. I still laugh when I think about it! Hehehehe :-)

Thank you for the A2A Michael! ❤️

Thanks for the A2A. You should note that the standard of my culinary skill can be described as "no one has died from my cooking yet, but one or two may have had to use the bathroom right after".

Having said that, I like this really simple salad that I once made. It's just diced strawberries and rocket leaves (arugula). And then I add a splash of Thousand Island dressing. It can taste even better with a generous topping of pork floss for a bit of crunch.

I recently came across another recipe for a very simple salad. It's just diced cucumbers, diced tomatoes, 1 or 2 diced green chilies and a chopped red onion. Add cilantro and mix that all together with lemon juice. Then finish off with a pinch of salt.

I've just described a Bengali Indian salad but I'm wondering if adding pulled chicken or diced shrimp (or both) to it would be nice and make it a complete midday meal.

Well I'm a (US) Southern cook by heritage so I make a nice fried chicken and sweet potato pie

that will make you forget your granny' s BUT as life would have it, my love for diversity and aggressive seasoning created a love affair with Indian Food and I have been told I curry like an Indian and my dear Indo-Pak buddy says I cook Indian food better than most Indians lol so from Briyani to curry to tandoori, flat bread and Samosas

I love cooking and trying my hand at new dishes. My pulav recipes, veg hariyali, parathas, dhokla .

Chicken Parmigiana. That's the one that I most like to do.

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