What do Americans do better than Brits?


How dare you refer to someone from Britain as a ‘Brit'!

Have you never heard of ‘Political Correctness?'

No, obviously you haven't? The penalty for generalising a person's home country is harsh! You will be henceforth publicly shamed, your career ruined and you shall be shunned by vegans, beaten senseless by antifa members and disregarded by other erstwhile peaceful folk!

As I have written on another post about the beautiful concept (ahem) that is ‘Political Correctness', the term ‘Brit' could mean either;

  • A beer - bellied lager swilling lout, hell bent on upsetting the indigenous peoples of a European country who dare to cook a better ‘full English' than they ever dreamed possible,


  • A genteel and cultured individual, much like a Hugh Grant or David Niven. Amicable and well mannered always!

As is customary with PC values, I am now deeply offended as I shall automatically assume that you you mean the worst, and even if you didn't, I shall now now go about inventing something, e.g. that you wear a ‘Pearly Suit' behind closed doors in order to show your contempt for Londoners? Or perhaps you wear a flat-cap to mock Northerners?

Excuse me whilst I retreat to my ‘Safe Space' and sob uncontrollably and drink soy milk. Afterwards, I shall have no alternative than to join my non-binary friends at a hippy commune, whereupon I shall listen to Whale Song and get my ‘chakras' adjusted, all at the expense of the taxpayer, of course!

Monsters like you make my blood boil!

Am a duel citizen and prob lived half my life in the UK(London mainly) and a bunch of random US cities(I have restless life syndrome I think lol). The differences are minimal, largeley do to population density and available land mass(UK is nearly the size of FL.. and that's just a piece of the US so, makes sense yeah?), maybe more of an "inconvenience" to get adjusted to for some but it really doesn't take long..also I assume you mean Brits only(barring Scottish, welsh, N Ireland etc) but for brevity and general laziness, I'm just gonna say UK. Perhaps it's better if I compare certain states differences to "the Brits"... anyway my highly subjective list:

-Doors. Including door knobs, are shorter. It's funny af to notice. As an average height male it made me feel tall.. couldn't imagine being over 6'1. This is the only ubiquitous US vs UK I could really think of.. maybe smaller electric plugs but meh, minor inconveniences.

-Weather. The Midwest or any Far Northern US state has much better weather over the course of the year than the UK. Again this all varies and is totally opinion based on depending where you live in the states. Sure there are temperature extremes the UK typically doesn't worry about like -40 degree weather like Minnesota 3 winters ago (and yea that's in F and C). But the US(bar Alaska) is located where we don't have depressingly dark winters as the UK does. The sun is completely set at 3pm during winter in UK (too depressing IMO) and lots and lots and lots of rain year round in UK. Sure it rains a lot in say sunny FL, but even rn its just beautiful 60deg weather and sunny all day(consequence being 0 seasonal change and suicidal summers) *Notice Brits love to bitch about the weather. They are pros in many ways.

-Food... this was tough but I think US has UK beat in that department. Again all these answers vary a lot by location... but yeah bigger portions for cheaper, unique little flairs in the cooking from state to state. Chicago is the winner for best food IMO hands down for variety and convience(like literally if you're craving, say Greek food at 4am, no problem delivery or pick up?) despite being a more international Hub, I just think The US(minus the Bible Belt aka Fast Food belt where it's just chain after chain..) has the UK beat. Though they win at breakfast. Esp after a night out, they know how to fix a hangover proper.

-US tourists are regarded as friendly and much more respectful than Brits. Lot less drunk twats from US abroad. People from US though stick out like a sore thumb wherever they are, like you know they're going to be loud before they open their mouth. Brits are generally more sarcastic and to someone from the US could perceive as passive agreesive or maybe even cold, they're not being offensive, it's just not as common to strike up a convo on the street with a complete stranger there. I mean would you re rushing to the pub before sunset and football starts at 330. Save convos for then ;)

-"Big Brother" always watching whether you like it or not. London's CCTV system is unparalleled to anywhere in the US. Not saying it's good, bad , or grants Brits more/less "freedom" vs the US. But it's there. No US city could do that, they have other ways of invading privacy;)

-Toilets. I'd rather take a shit in the US. No question about it. Perhaps indoor plumbing began in the UK, but the threat of Poisedans Kiss is ever present. Also if you're a male w extra droopy appendage like myself(yes I'm bragging, something I learned in the US) mind them... the water level is so high it's just asking you and you're little guy to have a dip. US prob needs bigger toilets to accomadate bigger shits tho...

-Cannibis. US wins hands down. If you're a timer and find yourself in the UK being passed what you think is a Joint, there's a 99.999999% that has been spliffed(ie tabacco mixed w it) For some reason the bud is more moist(?) from what I've seen, I know it's a good way for dealers to add weight but I think it's more than that. Good luck rolling up a straight J and expecting it to burn as nicely. Also I have an MMJ card in the states(FL of all places) yet

Honeslty, that's depressingly all I can think of really. Most subjectively I think on average the US has more attractive people, but again there are FAR more people in the US... and they get more sun exposure than Brits. Also smile more in the US even if you're emotionally crippled and depressed to shreds, that's would be referred to as "normal" in UK.

Flipside. Brits are slightly to FAR MORE superior when it comes to: healthcare, politics(multi party system), education, incarceration rates and human rights in general, no school or anywhere shootings, social and help benefits for the poor and less fortunate(let's just say empathy shall we?.... tho it did take centuries to get there and will constantly be improving, US is still struggling in this department ‘bigly' .. yes even today in 2018 my sweet snowflake), better career opportunities , basically a chance at a better life if youre born poor vs SCREWED if born poor in US, esp in a poor town that is impossible to escape(multiply by a factor of 2 increasingly for how much melanin your skin produces). If you're rich in the US you probably don't worry about these things, and if you still don't, carry on.

Barbecue. Now that I've said that, a bold and daring Brittish chef will accept the challenge to travel through the 50 states and learn how to make each kind. It would make quite a book.

There is a rivalry between North Carolina and South Carolina over their recipes and inside Texas there are three or four or five rivalries. (I'm a forgetful old man.)

While doing that, the doughty Englishman must also learn all of the different types of Chili.

Should this brave soul return to the UK, Knightship is enevitable.

In America, generally they are more friendly and helpful than Brits in UK. Outside America generally they are better than any nationality at bragging, being obnoxious etc. Americans in America 10/10. American tourists or especially Expat Americans... -10/10

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