What do Australians think of Brazil?

Thanks for the A2A.

Brazil doesn't have a very high profile in Australia, but I think most Australians, who haven't visited it (which includes me btw) know the following things about it:

  • Very good soccer players
  • Very large country
  • Cute women on the beach at Ipanema

Educated Australians are probably aware of the following extra facts :

  • Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish
  • Vast tracts of jungle and the Amazon River.
  • It's a huge country - even bigger than Australia.

As it happens, a close personal friend is from Peru, so I know a lot of people from the Latin American Community in Sydney where I live (not hundreds, but certainly dozens). It's amazing how many Latin Americans have emigrated and settled here. Through my partner I know or have at least have met people from just about every Latin American country - except Brazil. It seems that the Brazilians in Sydney are a separate group, but I'm sure they are out there. When I asked my partner why there were no Brazilians in her social circle she said that Brazilians spoke Portuguese rather than Spanish and that made it hard for them to be in the Latin American group she is in. However, I have no doubt that there is an extensive Brazilian community in Sydney. They have an annual Festival at Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Edit: something I just remembered

I used to live in the Sydney suburb of Petersham. This is the Portuguese and Brazilian suburb of Sydney. Lots of Portuguese and some Brazilians living there and lots of Portuguese and Brazilian restaurants and shops. When the President of Portugal visited Australia back around 2005, he went to Petersham. The more older Portuguese (and possibly Brazilians as well) dressed up for the occasion and lined the streets to greet his mororcade. They also have a yearly Portuguese Festival in Petersham which some Brazilians attend.

Most of us don't think of Brazil at all. No doubt like Brazilians don't dwell on Australians or Australian issues. When we do think of Brazil, we might think of dancing, Mardi Gras, corruption at every level from the street to the President, crime, violence, mindless duplicities of religion, murderous crimes against natives, ruthless destruction of rainforest, Gold Mining, slave labour and the best soccer team in the world. Hmm, guess that's about it.

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