What do Brits love about Americans?

Well now. They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so where to begin? Let's start with thanks. We were doing a pretty good job of spreading English around the world, but since you guys took over it's really kicked into overdrive. Satellite tv was much appreciated in aiding us not having to learn other languages.

Your culture is young, but it's got style. First thing I would mention is the music. Yes, we love it so much that we've been copying since before the 20's and Jazz was the big new fashion. We followed the blues and rock and hip hop and rap and all the others too. There's the movies, possibly Americas biggest contribution to world culture. Could write books on how much that has influenced us and the rest of the world.

All the tech and innovation, epitomised by suddenly just deciding to go to the fucking Moon! It's exactly the sort of thing we'd have done if we were still top dog. We got to the top of Everest first, and put up great races to the Poles and all that other derring-do. We didn't manage to go to the Moon though. Hats off to NASA for that one. Stuff like that has done wonders for the world at large, keeping more people alive and healthy than ever before. We know most of this tech was developed due to war (inc. the cold war), because we had an empire. We basically copied off the Romans and you basically copied off us, but with our own new technology and cultures. We know why the rest of the world hates that, even if you lot haven't quite worked it out... So even there, where you get most criticised - it is we who understand the problem better than probably any other countries.

We love your pioneering and rebellious nature, the outspokenness and the sort of prudish domesticity which exists alongside. You remind us of us. For obvious reasons. We like that you took English common law as a basic start to your own. That was very sensible of you. I think most of us respect that you had a war of Independence against us and won fair and square. We don't mind if you brag about it a bit, but if you look too smug we might remind you that most of the British force at the times was busy fighting one of the greatest generals in history (Napoleon). Your constitution is really nice though. Can't deny that. And ‘No taxation without representation' is really fair enough when you think about it....

We love your sense of humour, even if ours is different. The Simpsons is, in my opinion, the best TV show ever. Since before Lenny Bruce your comedians have been the best stand ups, because you essentially invented the art form. We have our own, but they copied yours.

That whole melting pot thing you have going on there, it's caused some issues for sure, but it's a noble effort and I think like us you'll muddle through those, because the American Dream is an ideal to live up to. For a country of your age it's incredible how far you've come and how united you've managed to keep so many different people.

I'm sure there's lots more, but I don't want to go on about all the big business stuff like McDonalds and Starbucks. Yes, we imitate it, we love it more than we like to admit.

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