What do Egyptians think of Trump supporters?

I pity the "Trump" supporters very much for they do not know or refuses to know what kind of a "racist" Trump is. I perceive him as an an enemy of the people. He could not care less about ethics of humanity or the nobility of anything life except for those he can purchase. I pity him as well for he lost the sense of humanity and what is it like to be human. He talks in "figures". In other words, do what you will because at the end of the day, "you--just-- gotta pay."

What were your impressions of visiting Romania?

I've visited Romania twice on holiday. Obviously I returned, so my impressions were positive overall (and I plan to go back). To me it seems like quite a cultured country, even small towns seem to have prominent theatres and book shops. There's a charming, quirky sort

Have you ever been to Dubai?

Many people have been to Dubai. However, if you want to ask whether people who traveled to Dubai, lived and worked in Dubai enjoyed Dubai the answers may be different. Now, if you had to ask the workers of Dubai, mainly the

Are people really leaving New York City?

Of course people are leaving New York City! Some by dying, others by relocating to other states.And this is very good news, because according to official New York City Government Population Projections, New York City is projected to grow from 8.2 million persons in 2010 to 9+ million in 2040, an increase