What do Greek people think of the Irish?

Most have very strong Positive Feelings towards Irish. Basically because they fought for Independence and Democratic Institutions against the Royalist British, exactly like our Compatriots Cypriots against U.K. By personal experience the guys I 've met as Tourists at Greek Islands all were fine folks. But generally I am Negative. The Existence of Maria's Magdalena's Concentration Camps where they were executing Teenage Girls by Forced Labor until 1996, and the Wide Spread Pedophilia by Catholic Priests silently accepted by Society, is where my mind focus about their Civilization. Civilization is not a couple of Architects or Poets/Authors(I have Read Yates Poems and actually I enjoyed them). Civilization mainly is everyday life. (The same applies everywhere, my home country Greece included). So as a Conclusion from the disclosed evidence, so far it is the most corrupt society in Europe. Not even the JudeoBolsheviks in Eastern Europe were Raping Tens of Thousands 5 year old Boys. Of course I am open for Surprises from Other European Countries. I think that Belgium, or Basically U.K. might be proven in the Future to have more Pedophile Rings sponsored by the Elected Officials and the Economic Elite. That's the main reason why the British Government is accepting so many Pedophiles Muslims. But Still Maria's Magdalena's Concentration Death Camps.

The majority of Greeks consider Irish as, in terms of mentality and society, one of the most similar nations to Greeks in Europe, after south Europeans like Italians and iberians, so in general we think positively

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In general Greek Cypriots ( and I believe most Greeks in Greece) identify with the Irish and their struggle to shed off British colonial rule as Cypriots did and both suffer the partition of their country because of British political manipulation and intrigues.

When I was living in England I met a few Irish some I liked and some I didn't. But this is down to personal level how one connects with the other.

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