What do I need to know before I move from Luton to Amsterdam?

Hello, do you mean from Luton Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol airport, or from the city of Luton to Amsterdam?

In the first case, Amsterdam airport is quite closeby to the city but NOT in the city. It is actually part of another municipality: Schiphol-Rijk. It is good connected to the city by means of bus, train and taxi. Public transport to and from Schiphol is available nearly 24/7. Shops in the airport are located by the arrival and the departure areas. There are ATM machines to retrieve cash, but only at the ground floor.

In case you are asking about moving from Luton city to Amsterdam, here a few advices I feel you might use. Eating at home is less expensive than eating outside and quality of the food you can buy yourself and cook at home is way higher than whatever you can buy ready-made in supermarkets or fast-foods. It might sound obvious, but I heard some English friends comment how they used to grab something at a fast food, back home, because there it is less expensive than cooking themselves. I read that eating out in the Netherlands is on average 30% more expensive than in the rest of the EU. My wallet confirms.

Rents are paid monthly and not weekly.

Always check prices of everything, to understand if you're being charged more than necessary. Especially with HOUSING. A British acquaintances of mine ended up renting a room for nearly the same amount I spend for my whole apartment (3 BR)- Just because he was not informed of the current room prices and exchange rates. He was just arrived and was unprepared for the housing-jungle in Amsterdam. The room was not even close to the center. I wanted to warn him but he was so enthusiastic he had arranged a room within two weeks, that I didn't want to crash the party.

Nightlife here ends pretty much at 2 pm. After that, the city becomes quiet and almost deserted.

You are only allowed-by law- to make noises in your apartment from 8 am to 10 pm. After that, whether you are playing drums, vacuum cleaning your room or throwing an epic party: in case you bother some of your neighbors, you can expect the Police (and vice-versa).

No, pissing in canals is not cool.

Dutch people generally despise loose tourists who think they are coming here to "live it out".

Girls at the Red Light District are not to be photographed.

Housing is drama. If you're looking to stay for a while, start looking NOW for a place ( yes. Now. Prior to your arrival). Get ready to hear the most absurd requests and be careful to always choose a room "with registration", so you can set up your post address at the same locat.

Opening a Dutch bank account is something to do before you even start looking for jobs (in case you are).

You can register and take an appointment with GBA ( gross translation: municipality citizens database) in order to acquire a BSN number (citizen tax nr) even when you're still sleeping at the hoste, providing that as your temporary address. You will be required a BSN in irder to be able to work.

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