What do ISFPs think of INTJs?

I am an ISFP and

  • INTJs are fascinating to me.
  • Their thought process is just so different to mine yet we share the same cognitive functions, the order does make a huge difference.
  • The world in their heads (the ones I have had the pleasure of discussing this with) is so vastly different from anything I could ever come up with
  • Its nice to listen to them go on and on about something they are fascinated with
  • They are creative
  • They usually have this dark sense of humor that I like
  • In the ones I have met, I like the confidence they have when they are in their area of expertise
  • I respect their mastery of things they are interested in.
  • I admire their discipline
  • I like how they are able to shut out people who do not deserve them out completely.
  • I think take too long to process their feelings.
  • I really think that understanding that being an F type does not make anyone lesser would do some INTJs some good
  • Some INTJ do think too highly of themselves, but same goes every personality type in one way or the other
  • One of the biggest things I like about the ones I have met is how in most cases the world's opinion does not matter if they have made a decision that something makes logical sense, and therefore peer pressure does not really phase them as much. Yet that also means that they have difficulty understanding people who fall for peer pressure. Therefore they are less forgiving in certain situations
  • I like how they try to do their best for those they care about and screw everyone else

Again this is based on the limited interactions I have had personally, so the above may not apply to a lot of INTJs and other ISFPs may not agree with what I have stated. Still hopes this helps.

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