What do Indian husbands need more of from their wives?

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Through centuries of imbalance Indian husbands have come to address their wives as chattels in the house. They expect their wives to function as servants and menials, cooking, cleaning and washing, taking care of the children, working day and night, keeping a clean household and showing off the prize catch whenever possible.

The Unfortunate thing is the dowry, that obnoxious sale that refuses to go away because very few understand its implications. Thankfully the first rumbles of resistance to this bondage system is being defined by the new generation of activists.

The subservience system arises from a lack of equality. Women are not unequal in any way. They are more equal than others in the household. Unfortunately Indian men don't see it this way. They often see the woman as a sexual object, glorified by the media and promoted by excessive commercialisation as a money spinner. The reality is quite different.

Indian men need to see their wives as equals first before any progress can be made. The highly educated groom flaunting his degrees as a prize and seeking benefits from another family because of that qualification is actually distancing himself from civilisation. Horrendous abuse springs from this ego lifting exercise.

While the government makes the rules society is still to conform to the law. Some how families will still adhere to antiquated dowry principles.

The recent surge in the younger generation refusing to accept mundane social laws as the given is encouraging. Greedy men will soon recognise the real value of women.Times are a-changing rapidly and for the better.

The more the act of marriage is commercialised the damage to emotional health is compromised. The husband and wife standing on the same pedestal is a better metaphor than either placed on a lower rung.

Indian women are strong and disciplined. They know what is right when it comes to a lifelong partnership. In today's world even parental consent is decreasing. Indian women are branching out alone in their decision making. The man as the final decision maker is being replaced by smart, independent women who act and think intelligently.

The time is soon approaching when the man will have to listen to what the woman says.

All across the media I read of subtle changes to the Indian psyche and how this is creating a new generation of independent thinkers.

Thank you.

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