What do Turkish people in general think about gay people?

I am a Turk, my opinion does not represent the majority of Turks, but worth sharing I believe.

I hate being forced to think about "gay people", "black people", "kurds", "vegans" etc. This multi-kulti thing is what undermining the modernism and all that earned for us, and giving rise to the alt-right and making them look really right and know-what-to-do.

So, personally, what I think about gay people? I find them "queer", pun intended. How come a man can find a being with a beard charming? Damn, it cant be. It's awkward, it's disgusting, etc. But, I also know that, being the contrary of vegetarian -I dont know the word. Thing is, I only eat meat and see things grow in the soil just spices to enrich the taste, they are not food, they are food of our food- most people may find this disgusting. I also enjoy eating sucuk, a Turkish sausage with hot spices, with chocolate hazelnut paste. Even my brother finds this disgusting and refuses to sit by the same breakfast table with me if I eat that s**t. So, where are we going with these subjective post-modern bulls**t?

No, I am an old-school modernist and I believe laws and "public space" are there for this purpose: To allow an existence free of subjectivity. It's just law and justice: No matter what my opinion about them is, if a person is paying taxes and subject to the same laws like me, they should have the same rights. No because gays are precious geniuses or kurds are so important, but because this is what modernism is and that makes us live a decent life.

Multi-kulti, post-modernism and such newly born so-called liberal stuff is as dangerous as racism and other kinds of discrimination. It wants a "multi-law" for different groups based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion. So what, if a Hindu man wants to burn his sister-in-law after his deceased brother, are we going to allow him because we respect his religion? Or should we allow gays to be elected, say, PM just because they are different and have the right to be represented? Should we whine about a movie because there is no black person? Even if no black actor was fitting for the role? No, I dont think so. We should focus on "caring less" rather than "caring with all the brain power we have".

So we should be "blind" to people's gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion and such subjective or personal stuff when it's about social matters. We should focus on their ideas and deeds, what they do, what they say, is it against the law or not.

So, I think gay people should be allowed to married, hey, I would really feel angry if my forthcoming marriage was subject to a national plebicite, just think about it. People are voting for the question: "Should we allow Bahadırhan to marry the girl he loves?" Hell, sounds really stupid.

But I hate promotion of homosexuality as if we are all ignorant and primitive just because we prefer boobs over beards. That's bulls**t and this is why racism and far-right with a new rhetoric in EU and USA is gaining strength: They look far "right" compared to these multi-kulti babies.

So here's a piece from Gellner about post-modernism:

...the postmodernist will try to communicate the anguish of his field experience, in which he and his subjects tried to break out of their respective islands and reach out to each other. Of course, they must fail! Not to fail, to succeed, to come back with a clear, neat, crisp account of what the natives actually mean, would be a most dreadful disgrace and betrayal for our postmodernist. That would constitute the final treason and real failure. It would show him up as a superficial positivist, at the service of colonialism and the inequality of cultures, claiming to pin down the Other in terms of his own meanings, thereby suborning and lowering the Other, and revealing himself as a man insensitive to the infinite idiosyncrasy of all meanings, and the equally infinite difficulty of communicating them or conveying them across that dreadful chasm separating one realm of significance from another.

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