What do psychopaths think of I, Psychopath?

Dreadful. Watching Vaknin is a case study in malignant narcissism. He wants so desperately to be psychopathic. I think though that there are two interesting features to that documentary that make it worth watching.

One, he does not have the brain scans of a psychopath. Watching him get the news is funny. Since the documentary that is supposed to show him getting this long awaited news they do their best to softball it, but the scans did not show what they expected, nor what he wanted.

The other thing is, there is a writer here on Quora, Elinor Greenberg, that has done an excellent job of describing narcissistic relationships. After reading one of her answers about how a relationship between a covert and overt narcissist would work and look like, watching the relationship between him and his wife, it was almost like watching that answer come to life. I found that most curious and interesting to observe.

For the documentary being what it is, it's dreck. However watching it for the his reaction to being told he's not a psychopath and seeing the interaction between him and his wife, it has some interesting and funny aspects.

Why don't people go to grad school at the same school as their undergrad school?

I was an undergraduate in mathematics at MIT and was very close to deciding to staying there for my Ph.D. I had applied to graduate programs thinking that MIT was my first choice and knew who I wanted my advisor to be. (While many math departments don't allow you to do both your bachelor's and PhD there, MIT does.)

How to remove dark pimple/acne marks from face

Always remember prevention is better than cure so best way to is first prevent acne n pimples so that there is no more marks to treat .Now comes how to prevent and treat acne n their scars ,Below I am providing you some important tips so that you can understand where the original