What do psychopaths think of borderlines?

I don't think much of them. I've said before that I have my opinions about a person based on personality, not their PD.

I personally only know one woman with BPD, as in, I saw her face-to-face and worked with her.

I disliked her and used to avoid her most of the time. She was a colleague of mine and she worked with my mother in HR, hence me knowing her disorder.

My reasons for disliking her were rather simple: she fucked with my mother and kept me from just doing my job.

I've mentioned it before, but I see my mother as a possession and I don't like it when you hurt her, manipulate her or make her life harder than neccesairy. I'm aware that I'm being a hypocrite because I do the same thing, I just don't appreciate it when other people do it.

Before I worked there, my mother would come home once again, upset. She would cry, dump all her frustrations on me and I had to somehow comfort her.

When I started to work there, I understood my mother's frustration. The woman kept bothering my mother. Looking over her shoulder to "check on my mother's work" instead of doing hers. Making decisions for my mother while her job was completely different and she had no business doing that.

She wanted to be involved in everything, annoyingly getting in between a conversation and felt offended when she was hushed away.

She was judgemental, clingy to my mother while downgrading her at the same time and crying by her boss when my mother lost her shit.

This doesn't mean I dislike every single individual that has BPD. I do sometimes wonder if they don't get tired from all those sudden changes of emotions. And I am curious about what their mind is like, but that has nothing to do with my opinion on them.

I'm not a psychopath, I am a borderline (who also has avoidantPD.. Maybe that's why you requested me? You misconstrued AVPD as ASPD, or maybe when you requested, you unintentionally clicked on me)... But... well.. Knowing him, I don't think he'll mind.. Christopher R Edwards has ASPD and well.. He says he likes people with BPD because they tend to meet his needs and are not as intimidating and they aren't really as bothered by our emotions because they are more detached so they can withstand more.. (He also has NPD)

But I see two ways it can go (but also note that I am not a pwASPD, so.. my speculations may be completely off)

First way: The person will be tolerant of a pwBPD because they are less detached.. If they are attracted to something about the person with BPD- their looks, intelligence, etc, they perhaps would make themselves tolerate the BPD, because they see something else in them that makes them want to engage with them, and so they just remain detached when the person is emotional (which also is good if the pwBPD has outbursts; they'll be less likely in not taking personal offense)

Second way: The person will be irritated very frequently, because they aren't emotional, and having to deal with someone who is frequently emotional would be offputting to them. Too much of a contrast for them.. They would tire from having to support and comfort the pwBPD, and reassure them.. They wouldn't understand these needs, because they have learned to detach from them more so.. We are fire that melts their ice...

One of my childhood friends recently got diagnosed with BPD. He is a very unstable person in my eyes, and doesn't have his shit together. He says he wants something but then doesn't actually work towards it. I hear from other friends he can act like a complete maniac, however he has never done this in my presence. This usually happens in larger group settings, and I prefer chilling with him in smaller settings or one-on-one. Also when he starts getting angry I often know what to do or say to calm him down again before he goes into full rage-mode. He has done some very immoral and illegal things that costed him many friends, I do not really care however, as long as he treats me with respect. I don't care how he treats other people, but I do give him the practical advice to do good every time we discuss his wrong-doings. I try to keep him away from my family.

We can have good conversations about music, mental health, mental disorders, drugs, self-harm, and low-level science. He sees himself as way smarter than he actually is, or his disorder is preventing him from expressing or doing something with his intelligence, could be the case. I like hanging out with him if I want to talk about one of the subjects mentioned, or when I need a place to do drugs. I like keeping my house clean, he doesn't, so when I'm intoxicated and mask-free I like being at his place. I also know he tolerates me without a mask, we share some personality traits and I can even actually bond with him on a personal level from time to time. I feel closer to him than to most NT's, but I try to keep him at a healthy distance because of his destructive nature. I am completely fine with not seeing him for months or years, especially when he is going through a rough time.

I've recently got to know a guy that claimed to have bpd.

We got along just fine, he is a low bs tolerance type of guy, showing a hard facade. He has many self harm scars though, which indicates that he is very different than what he portrayed. He has a history of drug abuse and got into trouble often.

What do I think of him? He seems to be battling himself, sometimes he is the tough guy that is cold as ice, then he bawls his eyes out, cuts himself during an episode. BPD seems to be like a roller coaster that never ends, although you can't stand it anymore. You kind of start to accept it, then start fighting it again, only to give up.

As long as they are not having a "mood" and are happy, they can be chill to be around. When they are in a mood, I can't stand them.

Very emotional. The more emotional they are the easier they are to wrap around your finger. The more they think theft are useless and not worth while, the easier it is to get them to think you are the best thing in their life. I've had a few relationships with them and they usually play out the same way. First we meet you can tell they are slightly off, they come on strong once you lower their defences, eventually they confess you're the best they have had, they usually cause many issues for themselves constantly that you have to put up with, if you do bother to put up with it they get attached because no sane person would subject themselves to it. Once they get attached, you are in complete controll. What do I think of them? They are easy to manipulate, amazing in bed, poor in relationships, and a pain in the ass.

Cute, very cute and warm. I enjoy cute things, since with them being so physically appealing I can relax my reptilian functions that transmit any feelings of uncertainty, or simply anxiousness. Once this happens I transduct my feelings of inner acceptance, and release that inner child that they so dreadfully love. The bond is now set, reality doesn't get intertwined with make believe. I am the leader of acceptance, now follow my path as I guide you to the light of soothasion. Comfortability is least expected, but it makes them never want to leave ;)

Always love yourself

Mainly met women with BPD.

Emotional. Overtly so.

Easily susceptible and disceptible.

Can literally make them forget caused hardships by making them happy.

They wear their heart on their sleeve and expose everything with little prying.

Sex can be pretty great. Alot try to overachieve to leave a lasting image. Can be convinced to do a lot out of their boundaries.

Hard to get rid of though...

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