What do third world countries do better than most first world countries?

Efficiency in everyday things, in third world countries if you pay for something it gets taken care of very fast. No paperwork, no stupid regulations and often people working all days of the week. To give you an example: delivering a refrigerator in Cambodia: I pay for it at the store, the saleslady calls her driver, and old man shows up on a barely functioning motorbike 1 minute later, he incredibly manages to put the refrigerator on the back of it and delivers it to my home within 10 minutes running a bunch of red lights as it's the norm there. He's too old to bring it up the stairs though so I give him a dollar as a tip, he thanks me and leaves, then I just ask my friendly local tuk tuk driver to help me, we take it up and I give him a dollar for which he thanks me. Delivery done. Total cost 2 dollars, total time 15 minutes.

Can Christians go to Mecca?

The City of Makkah Al Mukarramah is a protected site and for foreigners like us it is only meant for Pilgrimage or a short stay to pray at the Grand Mosque. But surely you can visit or stay in Jeddah which is quite close to Makkah.

What are some of your culture taboos?

Marrying a fellow person of the same ethnic group with the same last names.In a sense, it's like marrying your siblings. It's gross to even think about commiting such acts (from what I've been told).I mean, in Japanese Pop culture and mangas, American Pop Culture and films in general, it's pretty popular for some reason and it's

Why did Britain colonize India? Was that colonization morally right or wrong?

It was by accident. Sheer circumstances forced them to do so.John R.Seeley, way back in 1883, in his The Expansion of England had famously quoted,Our acquisition of India was made blindly, Nothing great that has ever been done by englishmen was done so intentionally and so accidentally,