What do white people really feel about black people?

I can't answer generally on behalf of all white people but personally I can't think of 'black people' as one homogenous group.

I have known first generation African black immigrants and black British people of Jamaican descent and black Americans. I have known many mixed race people. And guess what? They were all individuals, they did not have any discernible characteristics that made them all the same, other than perhaps skin colour, which also varied from very dark to very light.

I also struggle with the idea that I have to be lumped into a category called 'white people'. I have a lot more in common with a black British or black Irish person than I do with a white person from Russia, for example.

In my own age group, and in my own social circle I think my views would be quite common. The only people I know personally who think race is a real differentiator are of the older generation. My white Irish grandfather was quite a racist but he had never met one single black person. People are scared of what they do not know.
Bold question - do you really think Quora is going to be the big reveal.

Even well-intended White people mask an *enormous* amount of racism toward Black people.

I do. I'm not happy about; its not something I wished on myself.

But I will tell you; you have to take that mountain on and keep chipping away at it. And there will be a bit less at the end of the day.

I am quite suspicious of White people who think they are free of racism.

It's in the air and you have to "un-breath" it.
Why do people suddenly stop loving someone?

This is a long and complicated answer, so I will try to be as concise as possible.To start with, every situation is different. What may cause one person to leave may not be enough for another to end the relationship. With that being said, despite everyone having a different threshold for bullsh*t

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I can understand how exactly does that feel. Everyone will suggest different things to do so that you can divert yourself.I would just say

Is there any advice for first time travelers to Jamaica?

There are basically three main places to vacation in Jamaica... Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril. The airport is in Montego Bay so when you fly into Jamaica you fly into Montego Bay.Negril is famous for its white sandy beaches. It is ver romantic place and ideal for couples.Ocho Rios is where Dunn's River Falls is located.Jamaican people