What do you believe will be the next big technological innovation in gaming?

VR (virtual reality), though I don't think this change will happen overnight. The asset costs can be astounding, while game developers are still struggling to obtain the assets for their non-VR games.

Also, the hardware costs to achieve VR is really steep. A friend of mine, a game programmer, offered to lend me all of his VR equipment, but my PC couldn't power them. The necessary 3D cards were upwards of $1000 and I didn't feel like spending the dough. Hardware costs won't come down soon.

The same friend said that once he played a VR game, traditional video games didn't appeal to him anymore. The immersion, he said, was unparalleled. I believe him, but I still don't think that the transition will be quick or easy. When you're struggling to pay rent, $60 for a game isn't too hard to come up with. But $1500 might as well be $200,000. So what if it's super-awesome? It's too darn expensive!

Plus they'll have to overcome the "touch" limitation. With current VR games, you move around with a controller, just like with traditional video games. They need to make VR fully immersive. I just don't see the spaceship's control panel, I interact with it like I do in the real world. I don't push the buttons with a controller, I push the buttons with my fingers.

But that's way, way off. The only thing that approaches this level of immersion is The VOID, and few people have access to it. And interactions within it are carefully contained.

I believe that the next big innovation in gaming will be VR with full mind and body immersion. That may seem like a stretch, but gaming technology has gotten to a point where you can see individual hairs on the arms of your FIFA characters and CPU speed is so high it's in the clouds. So while everybody can claim that their console is the most powerful, gaming technology has reached a point where that claim means literally nothing if everything is more or less on equal footing. But while console and PC technology have hit their limit, VR is a relatively new concept that is still being explored and improved upon. There also exists medical technology that can keep people from dying while in a coma. So it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility for someone to combine the two technologies to make a fully immersive VR experience that transports your mind and body to another world while you lie half conscious in a box.

Motion simulation support for computer games, Xbox, and PS.

A console that uses hologram for gaming. This might be possible since no one have done it yet and it is a new innovation on video conferencing might as well be applicable in gaming.

Hope you don't find me crazy with this idea.

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Considering VR is picking up steam, we have eye and body tracking... I think the next major change will be with tactile input. Keyboards and controllers are not the most realistic thing to use for control.

Ace that, and then tie it all together and things are going to get very immersive.

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