What do you do a daily basis to avoid or relieve stress?

Anchor different parts of your body to with appropriate knowledge.

2.1 Ears: In life we listen to what we want to listen. Very few listen objectively.

2.2 Hands: Let your life be always giving, because the more you give the better are the chances of getting connected to existence.

2.3 Eyes: Let your eyes have the wisdom of seeing out of innocence and not out of arrogance. See "what is-as is" and "what is not - as is not". Very few have the freedom to see ‘what is' without opinion, without any judgment.

2.4 Legs: Walk on the path of truth, walk on the path of goodness. You may experience difficulty but understand that it is not to tumble you but to humble you. Therefore anchor your legs to this understanding-let me walk on the path of goodness. And when you walk on the path of goodness, then life becomes different.

2.5 Lips: If you can learn to smile, you will learn to be happy. Smile will develop the invisible skill to handle situations wisely.

"The more you smile; the chances are you will be happy"

The portion of your body, which is really visible to you, is your face. If you can give this suggestion to your lips- let me smile, spread goodness, spread happiness then you will life becomes beautiful. You can handle stress better, if you are smiling.

2.6 Nose: When the lord says concentrate on tip of your nose, it means that truth/God is right in front of you. Just as the tip of your nose is right in front of you, god is right in front of you and the only thing required is that you should be open enough to see that truth is in front of you. So you only have to be open, you have to be receptive. When you that faith, a different energy opens up for handling stress.

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