What do you do to make sure you're still having fun and enjoying yourself while working?

I have a firm belief that you should have fun while you're doing your work. Yes make sure that work gets done and done well but also enjoy yourself. Be there because you want to be there. In my jobs, even on rough days I find the silver lining.
Tutoring children? Sure there are some kids who are stubborn and act out but I do my best to turn things around. Make up some learning games and bribe with cool stickers. Even if they don't come around, I can look forward to the kids who like having me around.
I just started a part-time job at a soup store as well. One of the main reasons I applied was because their philosophy was not just customer care but employee care. Have a fun work environment, be with people who enjoy what they do, encourage creativity & laughter, etc. I'm still shocked how chill everyone is (though I do love it)

Of course I make sure I have at least ONE day a week that is for me. A day to rest and catch up on my personal needs.

How to effectively bulk up without losing my abs

First thing you should do is stop worrying about your abs. Seriously. There's nothing impressive about abs when you're looking to bulk. The only thing that abs do for you as a skinny guy is emphasize how ridiculously skinny you are.Second, realize

What exercises will help reduce a protruding tummy?

SHARE ANSWERTwitterFacebookANSWER STATSViews1,368EditsWhat are some exercises you can do at home to help flatten your belly?

Will doing push-ups help me build muscle?

Will Doing Push-ups Help Me Build MusclePush-ups are simple to perform, and you can do them almost anywhere. To build muscle mass, you need to load and stress your muscle fibers so that they break down enough to stimulate protein synthesis -- the