What do you do when aliens contact us?

"The fact that humanity is unprepared for the realities of contact with life in the universe is very apparent, but at a more unconscious level, people are anticipating this, and that is why it emerges in your movies, in your books, in human imagination." - The New Message

It entirely depends on whether we are ready for this type of contact.

According to the Allies of Humanity Briefings, as well as the Life in the Universe book, humanity is not ready for contact with alien life right now.

One of the fundamental requirements for successful contact with alien species is for the human race to be united.

This does not mean that we're all operating under a centralized world government, but humanity's diverse cultures need to sufficiently be able to work together towards common species and planetary goals. We need to stop competing and fighting with our fellow humans!

Until this happens, we're simply not going to be ready for contact and we should shun it.

"No one in the world is educated about the Greater Community. If you were, you would be responding very differently to the presence of foreign powers in your midst. This would become a worldwide focus, and the emphasis would be on establishing your own rules of engagement with whomever you are encountering now and will likely encounter in the future." - The New Message

Imagine what would happen if one of Earth's stronger powers cut a side deal with an alien race for advanced technology. This could be used for weapons and, ultimately, to wage war on its neighbors.

Until we are sufficiently united as a species, until we can speak with one voice, we need to tell aliens to go away. We need to protect our borders to space.

Interestingly, the common threat of advanced alien life, if properly understood, could serve to unite humanity's warring tribes.

Wouldn't Israel, Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, the USA, and every country in between, work together to protect human freedom and sovereignty in a universe filled with competition from stronger alien powers? I hope so.

There is a fascinating document called The Declaration of Human Sovereignty that has a thing or two to say about successfully managing contact with alien life. Every human should read it and absorb its common sense principles.

i have questions for them. first, what kind of shoes do you wear? if you were to show me a video of an alien walkin around it would be hard for me to see it as authentic unless they were going ooo ouch ooo ouch. i wonder if they have contacted nike or sketchers for that.

so anyway, supposedly many people have had relatively normal conversations with aliens they have found alive and what happened was that they were interrogated in a kind of military fashion because there are certain things that the aliens don't want to talk about such as their propulsion systems in their crafts.

i would have far more normal questions. do you have an economy and places where you shop? what kind of music do you listen to if at all? do you have movies for entertainment? do you get mad and have fist fights? do you ever find it necessary to carry a knife or other multi tool? do you laugh and have jokes at the expense of others? do you have aliens who are bumbling idiots instead of advanced smarty pants peeps? and for that matter, what kind of pants do you wear? do you hang out on beaches and consume intoxicants? are you into coffee? these of course are the most important questions.

and please forward me a list of your most popular baby names. i need them to name my dog.

It depends on how they contact us. At a distance would suit me just fine, thank you. Most people don't know the United States government has no agency or department tasked to investigate UFO reports. They claim alien life doesn't exist. But, NASA very quietly funds the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). SETI has been searching for intelligent radio signals from space since 1974. So far, the universe is a very quiet space.

It seems like a long shot to be listening for radio signals from space. Our technology is advancing at a pace where traditional radio waves will soon be replaced by something more efficient that will probably leave a much smaller foot print. Mankind's fascination with radio broadcasts for communication will last less than 150 years. We are searching for analogue evidence in a digital universe. It makes no sense. I believe there is much more to SETI than the world will ever know. If we did find an intelligent signal from space it would prove extraterrestrials exists, but they would be light years away. Any message we intercept may have traveled a million light years before reaching earth. I believe this is what our government wants! They are comfortable with directing your attention millions of light years away listening for radio signals or searching for distant exo-planets. What makes them very uncomfortable is the thousands of video recording, photographs and witness statements that rot in warehouses.

Your question is posed in the future tense, "What will we do when?" The "when" happened three generations ago. Aliens are here and have been for some time.

What did I do when I met an alien in 1977? When I was abducted while camping in the wilderness? I was taken against my will and terrified out of my wits. It bought me 40+ years of screaming nightmares. When the alien being and I locked eyes I can best describe it as the most incredible experience in my life. It's a memory like the birth of my children, one of those significant life events. There was such intelligence behind those eyes. These things, where ever they come from are a million years more evolved that human beings.

I kept silent about my UFO/alien experience for 40 years. I was afraid I'd lose my job as an Assistant Attorney General and my friends in the legal community would think I lost my mind! Now, I'm 64 years-old and I don't care. On March 10th of this year, I published a book and made a full disclosure of everything that happened to me. It's on Amazon and it's called INCIDENT AT DEVILS DEN. If you are interested pick up a copy. They're cheap. The eBook is $10. I didn't publish this for profit, I published this because the world needs to know this stuff is real and our government will never acknowledge it or make a disclosure. They'll just ask you to follow the search for exo-planets. Since publishing my book dozens of people have contacted me with similar stories.

If you've never seen a UFO or had an experience you are justifiably skeptical. I understand. I'm not here to change your mind. I ask that you try and keep an open mind if you intend to research the topic. Peace.

Turn off the TV. Star Trek is fiction, not reality. (Any species willing to spend 200,000 years or more traveling here from their home planet would have been extinct before they developed a way of communicating. And since, no matter how advance they are, it would take total conversion of all the matter in the universe to energy to accelerate them to the speed of light [let alone faster], they haven't.)

I would disagree with Raye personally, despite his evidence. I believe that Earth is an experiment, probably seeded by alien life forms. I feel that we have such diversity on this planet, that I feel we have been observed for 1000's of years. Even the Bible mentions Chariots of burnished copper from the sky. (That is a paraphrase, but something very similar). My friends sister witnessed an alien in the local wooded area in her home town many years ago. The Alien standing about 7–8 foot high and humanoid, but not quite human looking. Also there is much talk of sightings, from professional aircraft pilots of UFOs. Recently a meteor was spotted out in space, shaped impossibly for its purpose and there are claims of it being of extraterrestrial origins. I believe that there may be many species of alien visiting this planet. Some although not descending into towns and citys do not try too hard to hide their tracks and some even seem quite brazen at times.

I do agree with Raye when he talks of the unconscious preparation of man to greet alien beings, through this subject being much debated and though science fiction films ETC.

If/when aliens officially contact us, it will be our leaders who respond. If we are contacted individually to try and be calm, civil and also friendly. We are after all ambassadors of our species.

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