What do you do when you are frustrated?

  1. We get frustrated when things don't shape up as per our Expectations / when people don't behave as per our Expectations.
  2. So the root cause of Frustration is centered around our Expectations.
  3. But in this materialistic world can we live without expectations? Yes, we can
  4. Its very Difficult. But it can be practised by changing our Belief System.
  5. "Everyone acts as per his / her interests. In the process if it hurts me, then he/she did not intend it"
  6. "We are not the centre of everything. We am incidental. In fact earth itself is a wobbly planet around a weak star, in an insignificant part of the Milky way, which is among the millions of Galaxies. Truly I am insignificant".
  7. We see lot of people sincerely making ALL EFFORTS & ALL INPUTS but still do not Succeeed. We also see quite a few people who achieve GREAT Success with not much EFFORT. There must be a hidden INPUT.
  8. Surely there MUST be some unseen Force or unseen Input when new borns are born with disabilities.
  9. We have seen Cruel people living comfortably. We have also seen very simple & good people die slowly & burdening themselves & everyone else. Surely there must be an unseen Force.
  10. Yes, this Major Unseen Input is The Law of Balance / Karma. There is no escaping from this Input. As we Sow so we reap.
  11. So next time we feel frustrated be happy that some of our past misdeeds are getting Nullified.
  12. Take Care.

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