What do you do when you feel unhappy in marriage?

If you are unhappy chances are that you are half to blame.

Marriage is a two way street. Both of you need to work at it. But here is the problem. Many people look at their spouse and think to themselves that their spouse isn't giving a 100%. So they themselves don't.

Or they accuse their spouse of not doing as much.

Essentially you compare yourself to your spouse. And ultimately that leads to unhappiness. You and your spouse are not equal. Yes, it should be an equal partnership, but capabilitywise you are not equal and never will be.

The solution to this is to always give 100%.

But communication is also quite important. Giving a hundred percent is meaningless if you are putting that effort toward the wrong things. Take the 5 love languages test online and see how your spouse likes to be loved. Share with your spouse how you like to be loved.

These things take time to improve. Be patient and don't judge. Just work on you.

My husband wants a divorce. What should i do?

Being in a situation like this is bad. I am sorry you are going through this. Please allow me to show you my perspective here.Marriage is about love, respect and mutual acceptance of each other. In this case, there is no love from him for you and you gave up your

If my spouse has filed for divorce, and has valid grounds, what legal maneuvers can I use to drag out the proceedings for as long as possible?

Although I have some limited experience over the years,  I am NOT a family law attorney.Although I am in general agreement with those challenging your intention of dragging out the process, I do understand that there can be valid reasons for causing a legal process to take longer rather than shorter.

How many pushups and running rounds can you do in a day?

‘In a day'is a hard question . There are few people who can do thousands of push-ups in a couple of hours. I can do some 300 push-ups in half an hour. I haven't tried beyond that. If you do 200 push-ups in an hour it is