What do you do when you realize you are coming down with a serious sickness? Is there anything one can do to lessen the effects?

Yes. Stop focusing your energy on the what's and why's. The more you think about it, the more energy you will be giving to it and the more it'll affect you.

I know it'll be easier to say than do..but try to divert your attention from the sickness and focus on something else. If you have read The Secret, you'll know that there is a term called 'Secret Shifters'. It means shifting your focus from the negative aspects and putting all your energy in focusing on the positive side. This can include listening music, watching films, reading a book or anything that gives you joy.

So the less you focus on the sickness, the less adverse effects it'll have on you.

Happy healing to you!

Take care :)

What is the craziest thing you ever witnessed while fishing?

I was fishing in a lake with my husband and his brother before we were married. I'm not the greatest fisher person and was out of practice. I moved to the waters edge with my rod and tried to cast it way out there. I accidently released the line too soon on the backswing and

What's the cheapest way to send money from Hong Kong?

That would probably be to send it with Bitcoins - they have the lowest fees - but you need to open a Bitcoin wallet and fund it first - i use Coinbase

Is it safe for Americans to visit Cuba?

Yes, safer in fact than visiting many US cities: the government of Cuba will want to show that ordinary US citizens are very welcome, but anyone going with an ulterior motive to undermine the government is not going to be sympathetically received