What do you enjoy about jogging/running routinely?

In recent years, I have run alone so I have enjoyed the solitude. Too, I find it interesting to run on various surfaces. Being a woman, however, keeps me from running in secluded areas. For safety reasons, probably no one should stray alone too far from where there are other people.

Running is an economical way to train. You can pay entry fees and travel to events if you want to as I once did, or you can avoid all that and invest significant money only on your shoes. Note: Buy them at a store in your area that is frequented by serious runners. The staff members in such places will see that you buy the right kind of shoes that fits correctly. They also will tell you how many miles your shoes will hold up before they need to be replaced. Running shoes may look perfectly good from the top but be worn out as far as helping project you from injury.

Maybe the most important reason that I enjoy running is that I savor the training effect which enables me to do so many demanding things (physical and psychological) with far less effort than I otherwise could. Example: I live in a part of the USA that is 400 ft. above sea level. Once a year, I visit family members and friends whose homes are 10,000 ft above sea level and have absolutely no problems adjusting to the thinner air. Many, many untrained people of all ages suffers serious episodes of Altitude Sickness when they are confronted with such transitions.

Lastly, I prefer to be outdoors whenever possible. In the worst conditions I use my treadmill. Nearly always though, where I live always only adjustments in clothing to make it possible to run most any day.

How much do you run during basic training in the Army?

I went through basic a long long time ago (1976). From day one of basic (after processing) we ran 5 miles in the morning and 5 before supper.It wasn't really a run nor was it jogging. It was somewhere between the two.The first couple of days it

How to know if your husband has checked out of the marriage

We all go through certain seasons of change. It is important that you be there for your husband and show him your love and admiration. Men, by nature, need love and almost a personal cheerleader at times. We can be emotional, and selfish, and feel as if we are unappreciated or almost undervalued at

How to walk after leg day

Everyone walks like a zombie after leg day and there is no escape from that. You can shorten the recovery time by doing adequate stretching after your workout and keeping on top of your nutrition after the leg day. The harder you train the more muscle fiber is being recruited hence the pain.The pain may appear after