What do you like best about Moscow, Russia?

What I like Most about Moscow is that the city is in a constant state of change for the positive! A state of constant improvement in all areas of life! This city is becoming better and better every year! How many cities in today's world are going up instead of down? Answer is not that many!

Energy and dynamism, crowds of beautiful young people in summer, summer weather, theatres, sports and events in which you can participate, electronic/internet services, metro, easy airline access to all European & Russian cities, parks, restaurants and historical outskirts.

What typical culture shocks that international tourists will encounter when travel to China?

I will tell what were the common thing impressed our grop when we went to Chongqing the first time in 2008:The traffic was terrible, immediately after we eft the airport with a bus the driver almost hit pederstrians on crossing lines. During the whole time we found out that traffic rules

Would you rather live in France or Scotland?

Thanks for the A2A, but I'm the wrong person to ask. I've been away from my ain folk since 1983, in Belgium. It was never meant to be that way, but one year became two, and then three, and well I suppose we all know the sequence.At the time,

How to cope with loneliness as an expat

HelloI have lived in the Philippines since 2006. This has to be the friendliest country with a happy population.I have never felt lonely here because the Filipino people are social, they also want to include others who are by themselves.If I were to be lonely, then there are options to get to meet