What do you live for?

It was so nice out today that I went to class barefoot, sandals in hand.

The cement was warm, the way it can be only on the first warm day after weeks of bitter cold.

We had class outside. We talked about Eastern philosophy, about shedding attachment and pursuing happiness through the words "fuck it".

We talked about doing what we wanted to do in the moment, not doing what we felt we "had" to.

After class, I took my hammock, tethered it to two big trees on the edge of a big grassy field, and I read.

I had homework and my room was a mess and I needed to run errands but I sat on my hammock and swung back and forth, my feet skimming the grass beneath.

I listened to the bells mark off the hours, and the train go by a few blocks away.

I watched dogs play fetch. Listened to people chatter. I checked my email, felt stress go right to my chest and in one deep breath, I exhaled my concerns into the wind.

And I read.

My reading was not so much a distraction from my worries as it was an extension of my self-reflection- I've been working on Dushka Zapata's book "Amateur" (which I highly recommend).

It was the most peaceful day I can remember having in a long time.

I was inexplicably, undeniably, unchangeably happy.

Those are the moments I live for.

Think, and think scientifically. because everything emerges from thoughts.they are the root of everything about life. i think, you used to think scientifically, but you have forgotten that. science is the study of nature, the pursuit of truth. you "paid attention to small things like singing birds, a flower or ants". most scientists just do that. feel the reality. smell it, taste it, understand it.
why to get up? because the earth has completed one rotation, and the biological clock tells me to get up, and enjoy life. that's why.
develop your own ideas. make your own culture. make your own music.
even this society is part of nature. try to understand it. be a part of it.don't take things personally, try to find the reason, and sort it out.
what "thinking scientifically" does is,it removes doubts from the mind, it keeps you busy, it helps in refreshing the mind, and brings you closer to what you really are. once you have got yourself back, you can resume your normal life, and stop thinking scientifically. in this way you can learn to deal with your problems in your own way. you have lost your "flow", when you get it back, you will feel surprised that once you "needed" something to get out of bed. it will not even make sense to you.
 if it is too much for you, then of course you must take some therapy. it works.

most people in this world get up just to to someone else's job , so that they can earn money, to "secure" their future, but they end up destroying their present as well as their future. and they pass this to their children, to complete the cycle.

Right now, I'm at work, and I'm living for going home and relaxing.

This isn't a joke answer, and I'm not trivializing the question. I believe most people live for immediate (or short-term) goals most of the time. When we claim to be living for grand, important purposes, we're mostly mythologizing ourselves.

There's some stuff that's deeply meaningful to me and some stuff I'd like to achieve. I would love to be a great husband and I would love to direct all the major Shakespeare plays.

But I'm not working towards either of those goals right now. Truth is, though I work hard at both of them, that's not what I'm doing most of the time. I spend many hours of my day feeding myself, going to the bathroom, reading novels, watching television, doing household chores, chatting to friends, etc. And during all those times, I'm still living.

I'm just as much living when I'm laughing hysterically at a funny movie as when I'm directing "King Lear." So I can only claim to be "living for" something by mythologizing myself-by which I mean telling a story in which I bypass parts of my life, focus on others, exaggerate some parts, and minimize other parts.

I am going to be rather selfish with my answer, but I think also very honest:

I live for Me.

First of all, tell me about it!!
Secondly, you are not alone at all!
Thirdly, I don't think there is solution( Of course, distracting yourself to so something isn't a valid one)

If you 'REALLY'(circular reasoning?) mean the question, here goes the explanation:
You are suffering from depression my friend. More like Existential Crisis! (How to Deal with an Existential Crisis)
Not the one in which you are sad because of some reason(loss of something),
but precisely because of no reason.

You feel there is no hope for a better future even though there is nothing really wrong with anyone or anything. That feeling of 'Nausea', 'Absurdity' ? Some writers have gotten Nobel prizes for just explaining this situation in a readable language.

The solutions(that haven't worked for me but you can try because some people have succeeded):
-You can start talking to someone(preferably physically around you); if you are courageous enough, talk to you someone in the family(depression has been researched to be genetic and well as related to early environment).
-Take up to some activity that is fulfilling or gives you satisfaction and moreover keeps you happy.(Don't 'revel in depression'!)
-Get a girlfriend/wife/love.(A friend once said:"We need to get laid man.I think that's the only solution").
-Take up to religion.(I think all people who believe in God are truly depressed, but it seems to work).

I am more pessimistic. I don't think there is or there will be(f*ck you induction!) any 'purpose' or 'goal' or 'destiny' I am meant to accomplish.
I started reading philosophy to reconcile the incongruities around. I am in a stage now where I believe I have to define my 'purpose' and my 'goals' myself, and take responsibility for my own actions and life( Yes,Sartre!).

Among many people I have interacted, I found this answer by one physicist(unlike the young ones in tbbt) summing it all up: "Keep yourself busy,That's all you can do".

Biologically speaking, we live to exist and create more of our own and to continue our species. That's the sole reason. All the species that have appeared on the earth are there on the planet for the same reason. Over the due course of time we all have evolved from being a microscopic bacterium to a fully evolved human being. That's it!!!

But here's the interesting fact. We, the human species, may not have evolved exceptional power in the limbs like a Cheetah, or wings to fly like any bird, or gills like any fish or tremendous digestive power like a Komodo Dragon to adapt to our surroundings and survive even the most hostile environment. But one thing we have evolved is our MIND(the Brain).

What would happen if the sun was a planet instead of a star?

The implications were the Sun (which is a star) to be a planet are -Firstly, to be a planet would imply that it revolved around a star, around whch the Earth and all the other planets revolved, and this star would effectively be replacing the Sun, andSecondly, the planet replacing the sun would have to be very much smaller

What are some other movies similar to The Guest (2014)?

The Guest (2014)A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.

Have they found and marked off the exact south and north poles yet? Does the compass spin wildly?

Yes, the exact North and South Poles are "found", but first we have to establish which poles we are talking about.The Geographic Poles (as opposed to the Magnetic Poles) are the locations where the meridians (lines of longitude) converge to opposite points