What do you regret in your life that you didn't do? What do you think would be different about your life had you done whatever it is that you regret not doing?

Everyone wants to spend their FIRST SALARY in a better way and even I had the same thought.
When my first salary credited, I was desperately wanting to present TITAN wrist watch to my father.
That was on a Sunday morning, one of my best friends (my colleague too) and I were at the bus stop waiting for bus.  The bus stop was not much crowded, but a group of people were playing Three-card Monte game.

When should I eat before going to the gym to have the most energy for a great workout?

A healthy and also well-balanced dish that includes carbohydrates as well as healthy protein is as essential as a bear feeding up prior to the wintertime. Contrasting sweet beverages as well as fatty food which integrate carbohydrates, healthy protein will certainly leave you a whole lot more invigorated

What are people's honest opinion about overweight people consistently going to the gym?

Good for them, I hope they do well.There are a multitude of different types of people that go to the gym. There are generally 2 associated with overweight people. Ones that genuinely want to lose weight and are consistently going to the gym in order to do that, and the other

3 weeks ago I couldn't run 200 yards without collapsing, gasping for air. After running daily, I can now comfortably do 2 miles at 6.5mph. The technique is unchanged. What possibly could have changed biologically in such a short time to allow this?

This kind of rapid improvement is normal for beginning runners.Just be careful not to increase your weekly mileage too quickly. The rule of thumb is no more than 10% increase per week. Then cut back your mileage every fourth week for one week, as a rest.Example:Week 1: 10 miles totalWeek 2: 11 miles totalWeek 3: