What do you regret telling someone?

The same thing I regret every time it happens.

I think my views on life are open and I consider that I am open to hearing new ideas, different views, so I don't hold back, and I express what I think and believe.

This frightens some people so I end up surrounded by people who are willing to discuss anything.

For most things I know my boundaries except when it comes to my feeling for the opposite sex.

If I like a woman, I will be attracted by a lot of things, how she speaks, what she thinks about things and her attitude to life and to a lesser extent what she looks like.

The think is if I like how her mind works then she is also physically attractive to me.

I see a beautiful woman in the street and yes I acknowledge her beauty but five minutes later I could not pick her out of a line-up if my life depended on it.

So I develop an attraction to a mind and all that goes with it and in a short space of time I just tell that girl I have feelings for her.

It has to be the worst trait a man can have and boy do I have it in spades.

Imagine a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming car, well that is the girl and she does not know how to react.

As for me I instantly know I have made a huge mistake and know the consequences but I still do it.

God loves a trier, but I think I can be more appropriately described by the saying, "fools rush in where angles fear to tread".

Yes I regret it and thankfully it does not happen too often but I always feel I have lost a person who could have been a good friend, and as well as the loss of a love, I am more upset of the loss of a friend.

One of my New Year resolutions is to say nothing about my feelings , especially to a woman I like, until she hires a skywriter to tell me she loves me.

Hi, my story began in Germany. It was then that I wished that I said that it was not worth talking. I treat prostitution adequately. But my friends don't think so. The fact is that my girlfriend works in an escort agency, and most of my friends consider it bad, but I don't think so. I think that her work is noble, and the more I love her. But because of the reaction of my friends, I very much regret what I told them, I had to tell them when the time came.

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Ugh this story is weird in my opinion but whatever.I was was with my sister on a trial by my house when we come across one of those little places with the benches and tables and stuff. She wanted to refill her water bottle so while she did that I checked sat

What makes Idaho such a good place to grow potatoes?

According to one theory, we have the Yellowstone Caldera/Super Volcano  to thank for it. In the explanation, the topsoil Idaho farmers till and toil in is thr temnants of the lava flows and ash-fall from thr last eruption of the Yellowstone