What do you think about Rubella (German measles) being gone/eradicated in Australia? Does it make you at least slightly question your belief in anti-vaccination?

Well, I am not ‘anti vaccination' actually - but I don't vaccinate and won't. When I say I am not anti vaccination - if others like them, fine.

I didn't get Rubella - just the usual ordinary old spots that lasted for around two weeks and a fever in those days. Some people at school got Rubella, but most didn't. There were no vaccines for Rubella back then.

My immune system is excellent - so are my kids and grandkids and my friends - we don't catch things like that or the flu or other contagious diseases, despite being around them occasionally.

So - if you are really asking would I vaccinate because the CDC claims that Rubella has gone because of the vaccination - no. There is no need and the risk of unintentional harm from the adjuvants, in my opinion, is too high.

Vaccinations set up an allergic response - that is very different to the body having learned what to do when/if running into a particular pathogen or virus.
Because Australian governments follow the USA, though - it is quite possible that they also make it very difficult to avoid them.

Still I will refuse. I value my health and have no intention of getting sick again due to another vaccination. I have in the past been made very ill from the polio vaccine and from the flu vaccine and from a TB vaccine. Never again. It is so difficult to recover from vaccine injuries and wastes life.

I will take my chances with life itself, not injections that were made by synthetics and by torturing animals until they are eventually put out of their misery.

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