What do you think about love marriage and arranged marriage?

Both of them can succeed or fail .

Love marriages in the west have the highest divorce rate .

Arranged marriages in India fails often . of-course , love marriages fails in India at considerable rates

Success of any marriage lies in bonding . It takes more than sex to stay together . companionship , friendship and mutual respect is very important in a long term relationship . It holds very true when it comes to dating and finding a compatible pair. Love marriage is a choice and each can find separate ways , as its a choice . so mate together for lives and live a happily ever after life

Well , arrange marriages ! Honestly , I dont know how it works . Some couple share great chemistry and understanding and some dont . Some remain in marriage for the sake of their children future . Few people in arrange marriage fight until death and I honestly dont know how it works . Maybe , they are afraid to leave each other . Its kind of mysterious !

Society , ones beliefs on marriage , genetics ( we are not monogamous and thats what science says ) , ones persona have a lot to deal with such things .

I personally feel the most complicated thing on life is marriage and love affair . I tried to figure it out and had failed twice in love . I wonder what its all about . Love doesnt makes sense sometimes . Still , trying wrap my head around it .

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