What do you think is the future of internet ads with all those ad blockers?

I think the advertising industry is starting to shift towards paying influencers on social media and content marketing.

Social media posts obviously can't be adblocked, so it avoids the problem of adblockers. Also, since the person posting it has gotten people to follow them and like their content, by posting your advertisement through them, you get a more responsive audience for your ad.

Content marketing is also getting to be hugely popular, as it plays on the psychological principle of reciprocity. By giving first without asking for anything in return, you make the person feel indebted to you, and they will feel more inclined to give back by purchasing whatever you're selling.

It's also a great way to boost SEO, and rank higher on Google.

There really is no way around ad blockers, because your web browser controls the content that's displayed. Because of this, you can always choose to block or not render elements on the page (that's what ad blockers do).

On a more personal note, I actually created an advertising platform that I hope will revolutionize online advertising. Our goal was to create advertisements that people actually enjoy, so they don't feel the need to ad block them. If you're interested, feel free to check out our website: Tize

Publishers will ultimately win the war against ad blockers, because it's too easy to thwart any ad blocker if you know what to do. To prove my point, try using AdBlock or AdBlockPlus on Quora, and notice how they do not block Quora ads. Ultimately this devolves to Digital Rights Management (DRM), which is the ability for publishers to control their digital copy rights.

Internet ads will continue for the 99% of people unwilling or unable to pay for their content. The remaining 1% of us will pay for ad-free content. Somewhere in the early 2020's, virtual currency will be used to compensate people for paying attention to ads, or to pay for an ad free experience. This will re-intermediate the world of advertising.

I hope Quora eventually creates a QuoraCoin virtual currency, to compensate all content authors with a percentage of the ad revenue that their content generates. I believe this is the future of internet ads. Quora could lead the way, if they dare.

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