What do you think is the worst thing(s) about the internet?

The worst thing about using Internet is with no specific goal in your mind and losing quality time which could otherwise be efficiently spent with your kith and kin or learning something or doing something useful to yourself and others.

People keep watching movies, videos & Porn endlessly, drown in social media and waste all the time in the world. The satisfaction that they give is momentary.

However, with a specific goal in mind to look out for something or learn/Research over interesting stuff and spend leisure time makes internet absolutely worthwhile.

The ease of access to pornography does disturb me.

I have no problem with what adults get up to in their spare time and I'm not judging any adult who enjoys watching consenting adults perform sexual acts. But it concerns me that really young kids are watching.

We know that kids don't have their mind warped by pornography in the way people used to believe. Watching porn doesn't make kids sexual deviants and they're not so suggestible that seeing the darker side of pornography is going to make that attractive if they're not inclined to find those practices sexually alluring in the first place.

But it does worry me that kids are using porn to fill in the gaps in their own sex education. Our schools are doing a good job of teaching kids the mechanics of sex (how babies are made) and the dangers of sex (how to avoid making babies, and getting diseases at the same time) but they don't do anything to teach kids what they really want to know: how to go about getting sex and how to behave while you're doing it. Sex ed is very biological and mechanical and focuses entirely on the process. But kids want to know more. They want to know how to act during sex, how to do it well, how to make it less awkward, what's expected of them before and afterwards, what the partner wants and likes etc etc.

Sadly kids are turning to porn to provide answers and the internet supplies it. Young kids are watching porn and they're not treating it like a fictional fantasy being carried out by actors, they're treating it like a textbook. They believe that's how real sex works and how men and women are supposed to behave when having sex. They're watching a performance but believe it's real life. And because they're watching covertly in the privacy of their own rooms, they're not having conversations with adults about the truth of what they're seeing.

It really concerns me that teenage boys and girls are entering into their first sexual experience playing roles they've learned from watching pornographic actors at work.

It's not necessarily the worst thing but it's bad. What I really don't like about the internet is that it keeps actual face to face interactions to the minimum.

I love meeting and talking to people in person instead of over the internet(and I'm an introvert). One of the things that make me laugh really hard, for example, is how my friends sound and look like reacting to some things. Not how they write it, or say it word by word over a video chat. I like it personal.

What part of a car is most important?

Please dont listen to the people below, the true answer is everything. Well not necessarily EVERYthing, but anything that you can think of that all cars ranging from 1960-present have in common. ie; engine, brakes, lights, tires, gas, tank, etc. i cant necessarily say the same for

It is commonly claimed that the Wright brothers invented aircraft. However, it has also been claimed that Santos Dumont did. Who invented the first aircraft?

A few years ago, I visited the Wright Brothers National Monument in Kill Devil Hills, NC (near Kitty Hawk in the North Carolina Outer Banks; their experiments actually took place at Kill Devil Hills):National MemorialBefore my visit, I'd thought of the Wright brothers more or