What do you think the average size of a home TV will be in 20 years?

I would venture to say that their will be no TVs in 20 years. By then, virtual reality should be in every home and we will watch our characters play their action scenes right in our living rooms. The cars will leave skid marks across the carpets and we'll have to open the doors to let out the exhaust fumes after a big chase scene. The love scenes will be quite kinky because, there they'll be right in our own beds. If we watch a Marvel film, there want be much left of the house when it's over. Can't wait!!

With TVs extending to well over 60/70 inch I wonder if we are hitting the limits. Otherwise you are almost like a small cinema.

Not to mention you would need a large living room to facilitate. I would hate to have a TV which is the size of my living room wall. I would get neck pains from physically moving my head across the TV!

Modern homes will not have a separate TV....each wall will be smart and will show the picture as needed when you move and face that wall and say aloud or in your mind that you want to see such and such programme or channel....

Average size won't like change, maybe even be smaller!

I think the concept of a home TV will be very different in 20 years..

A small screen held close has a larger field of view than a large screen far away! So I expect folks to use VR headsets and wrap around visors, in combination with super large thin screens, perhaps even peel and stick! Check out OLED etc., and future tech!

So the "average" size may not change.. but the range will be larger!

Why Maruti Suzuki swift built quality is poor?

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