What do you think the plot of the next (2019) Star Wars movie should be exactly?

Certain plot points are a foregone conclusion. Kylo Ren will face Rey to 'atone' for his actions during his fall to the Dark Side. My guess is the Resistance will have some 'last chance' operation to stop the First Order and, while Poe, Finn, Rose and some new heroes, carry out that assignment, Rey will sneak away to have her final confrontation with Ren.

I would venture a guess that the Knights of Ren may show up in some capacity, probably engaging the Resistance forces in their operation, and, at the end, there will be some type of acknowledgement that Rey will restore a new Jedi Order, or something in the same vein.

I think it would be silly to have Kylo Ren redeem himself as Vader did in ROTJ. I'm hoping he faces atonement for his actions and that stories proceeding from there can focus on something other than the Skywalker family. That story arc has been done, its time to expand into the larger galaxy and see how the Force, and the past, affects other individuals moving forward.

Based upon the naked cut-and-paste of plots from the original trilogy in the last two films, I am fully expecting that we can look forward to a plucky band of rebels going down to a moon to try and shut down a shield generator protecting yet another Death Star type structure with yet another inexplicable weakness that will let a single skillfully piloted fighter to destroy it.

Is Jonathan Nolan underrated compared to his brother Christopher Nolan?

Looks like Jonathan Nolan himself stays away from paparazzi or might be he is happy enough by just writing the screen plays and stories.If we see a history of him, almost every complicated movie directed by Christopher Nolan was written

Is there any intimate scene in Avengers: Infinity War? I am going to watch with my family.

No, there are no such scene just go ahead to watch Avengers: Infinity war, an awesome movie with fantastic cast.You can go and watch it without any hesitation as it contains no such embrassing scenes and moments.Avengers:Infinity war is full of wonderful fight scenes and some well placed punches and dialogs by the cast.Do watch the movie

Would you want to watch movies for free on YouTube if they have ads?

Yeah, as ads on youtube is not too long. While other website provide ads which are too long and those also need sign up to watch movie. So watching on Youtube is much better for me.