What do you think will be the biggest change that humanity will undergo in the next 100 or so years?

What we are doing today will most likely tell what we'll be like in another century. What we discovered 100 years ago already show how we integrated those into our daily lives. Take electricity for example, we did a lot of other stuff on top of it which are not possible without managed electricity. What if it was free? Like Tesla's vision.

Evolution in our species was driven by Nature. But now, nature has technology to worry about when it comes to evolving us to another level. How we process thoughts, ideas and emotions will be greatly affected by technology. Will this spawn a new direction of organic growth in our body? What we know to be a different type of tumor growth maybe another organ evolving altogether. Are our bodies responding already to this changes that we fail to recognize it?

United Nations, race-less humanity, climate change, man on Mars, mutating viruses, GMO, cloning, internet, quantum computing, exoskeleton robotics, drones, flying cars, 3D gear and nano tech. These are at the forefront in today's human preoccupation. Give it another century, then look back at all this silliness.

Humanity will need to reach its next, higher evolutionary degree according to the predetermined plan of development.

And that higher degree is a full integration within the human species in order to fully integrate within the vast, cosmic system of nature through similarity.

And then we become the conscious, collective mind, and benevolent guardians of the whole system justifying being called "Human".

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  1. Artificial Intelligence will be " used " by humanity to do the things which they could dream in last century.
  2. Inter planetary colonization.
  3. Controlling natural course of evolution of organisms and extend ways of natural death.

Once we start having children off of the Earth (space, moon, or Mars), we will see a relatively rapid change in evolution. The difference in the gravitational demands on the body will be a significant driver of natural selection. It would be interesting to see how many generations it will take to form a new human subspecies.

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