What do you think will be the biggest inventions of the next 5-10 years?

While artificial intelligence is bandied about as a term all the time, it does not exist as of today. There is no computerized system that meets the Turing Test nor have consciousness , self awareness, or sentience.

I predict real life AI will be invented in the lifetimes of many living, but probably not within a mere 10 years. This will not be good news, based on the opinion of Dr. Stephen Hawking or that of every science fiction writer or movie producer who ever addressed this possibility.

I believe human cloning will occur for the first time within ten years. Unethical as this is, humans, including scientists (remember Oppenheimer?), are not often known for their ethics.

A line from a famous Brazilian Novella about cloning; "you created him (a cloned human who was very confused over his place in life).........but you didn't create a world for him to live in".

How do teachers celebrate Teachers Day?

Teacher day is celebrated in whole world to prise contribution of teachers in our society. In our country we celebrate teachers day on 5 sep in memory of sarvepalli radhakrishnan .there are one another occasion when we celebrate teachers day

Is purchasing a used car buying someone else's problem?

Depends on where you buy it. Some people just love getting the newest thing, some are selling a car they don't use or need another car or someone passed away etc, then of course there are some cars that are coming up on mileage and need repairs eventually and they are selling it for a new car or

Why do Microsoft Windows so often fail?

What failures?Microsoft is incredibly profitable and successful, they only 'fail' in the minds of Internet commentators.Windows 8.1 was a perfectly good OS, but a lot of companies didn't feel the need to move to it because Windows 7 was working just fine for them, and they didn't fancy the retraining costs.