What does 'Post-Truth' mean?

Post-truth is, ironically, a term created to evoke an emotional response to the use of emotion to drive new political dynamics.

It suggests that there once was a truth, but we as a polity have abandoned it in favor of lies that appeal to our emotional biases.

It is currently used by various stripes of globalists alarmed at the populists reactions to globalist projects; Brexit, Withdrawal from the Paris Accords by the US, etc.

The irony, is that the EU is a nationalist project, and nationalism of course an inherently emotional exploitation of the natural human tendency to trust and favor those closest to themselves in terms of culture, family relationship, etc.

The promotion of the climate change agenda is transparently emotional in character.

In fact, emotion, not truth, is the stock and trade of politics for the simple reason that it is much easier to influence people's behaviors through fear, doubt and uncertainty than by reason and prospect of profit. It's why every sales pitch you see is a "limited time offer."

The term "post-truth" is designed to elicit a sense of moral superiority in those who still support the globalist agenda. It is consistent with the elitist character of the globalist, whose rhetorical strategy has been to praise its supporters as ‘enlightened' and condemn its opponents as stupid (at minimum) and evil.

The election of Donald Trump and similar public reactions all over the world, have revealed the limitations of this strategy, with the reaction, notably an emotional rather than rational reaction, being to double down on language calculated to evoke hatred, contempt and disgust.

In my personal opinion, supporters of the globalist agenda are showing all the signs of addiction. As most people know, the first hit of heroin is the best one a user ever has. Every subsequent dose is less effective and yet the user soon finds themselves in a downward spiral, chasing that initial high with ever more desperate and intense repetition.

It will be very interesting to read about all of this in 20 years...

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