What does a husband really expect from a wife?

To be his true companion, his "Ardhangni" (better half), in the truest of sense.

Note: The expectations I am writing here, I thought them after keeping the modern educated urban matured Indian man in mind. Maybe I can get some wrong as I'm not a man.

  • When a man marries, he wants his woman to become his asset, not liability.
  • He doesn't want to be included in any fight that takes place between his mother and wife. He loves them both excessively, and when the two women fight with each other asking him to choose, his heart breaks into million pieces.
  • A healthy sex life. A man doesn't want a wife who will deny him sex as a form of punishment for fights, or to manipulate him into doing what she wants in exchange of sex. Again, he doesn't want to be the only source of initiation.
  • Loyalty. He just cannot bear that the woman he loved and trusted with all his heart cheated him.
  • Respecting his side of the family. By respecting, obviously he does not want his wife to do everything she is asked to do without any voice. By respecting he means that she should value and accept his family just like her family and care genuinely for everyone. He should also do the same for her family.
  • Sweet gestures of love. Cooking for him his favorite meal, laying out his clothes for him, giving him a quick kiss when no one is looking, calling and messaging him just for asking if he's okay. Small sweet simple romantic stuff like that.
  • Not filing a fake case against him and his family to gain control.
  • He wants a say in planning babies. Before the abortion, he wants to be asked too. He understands that the baby doesn't affect his body, but that does not mean the father is secondary in having a child. After all, it is his child equally.
  • A matured man will never expect a wife to be shy or not to speak in front of him. Matured men want strong women who can share equal responsibilities. So an Indian man wants his wife to be strong, but not as strong that she stops needing him eventually. He wants to feel wanted and needed by his wife.
  • A wife who doesn't get too close to her male friend. No. A matured man won't object in having a friendship with another man. But yes, a matured man will expect his wife to maintain a dignified distance at all times.
  • He expects his wife to understand that being a man and a husband isn't piece of a cake too. Yes, he didn't leave his home, took her surname or didn't get pregnant. But that doesn't mean he is having a gala time. He has problems too. Different kinds of problems. He also has a lot on his plate to figure and adjust about.
  • He expects a wife who can become his girlfriend, mother, wife, friend, companion, according to the situation. A woman who knows how she has to act around him in a given circumstance.
  • Sometimes, he expects his wife to participate equally. Sometimes, he wants his wife to take charge. Sometimes, he wants his wife to let him take the charge. Again, situational demands.
  • He wants to become a husband, not a puzzle solver.
  • He doesn't want a perfect woman who can do 1000000 chores on the first day after marriage. Most matured men realize that is not possible. But, he does expect a woman who is willing to adjust and take on her share of responsibilities slowly and steadily to make a beautiful home.
  • Again a man does not expect a wife who won't fight. He just expects his wife not to fight on the same issue repeatedly for the rest of his life.
  • Someone who just love him in a real sense, with purity in her heart.
  • A matured man does not want the most beautiful woman as his wife. He wants the woman with the most beautiful heart and soul as his life partner.

Again, I may be wrong as I am not a man.

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