What does an out of shape older person do to ease back into shape - walking is almost out of the question?

I'm in the same boat. I got an adult trike, which doesn't impact the hips as much as walking. I used a Pilates machine with a built-in rebounder and plan to get one for myself. I also used a bobbing tank. It was homemade but awesome & painless - though I was exhausted later. It's basically a large water tank in which you ‘bob' - or jump up and down. This is excellent if you have access to a pool or bobbing tank.

Sometimes I am bedridden. When it's really bad, I ‘dance' and stretch in bed. Good luck, never give up.

Why is it necessary to lose abs to get a wider waist if you are skinny but have decent abs?

Firstly understand that it is nothing great to have six pack abs. Youngsters with less fat like you, are usually able to see their abs easily. Feels very good, for now; but temporary. It will not retain. Later, an unexercised

How to lose 5-10 kg of body weight

Please see my articles : 8 habits you should apply when you try to lose weight and A slim waist in one month time with 5 basic stepsThere are no fast way to lose your weight , you will need to

What food is the ultimate dieting secret?

The more you stress in your diet process (and doesn't mean only for dieting), the less likely is for you to adhere and the most likely to fail. When you're constantly visualizing when you'll be able to go back to your binge eating habits, because, you know, people diet so they can get fat again later (there's